Hourglass Fit Fat Burner Review: Is It The Real Deal? [Updated 2021]


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These days, we’re constantly bombarded by advertisements promoting weight loss supplements with some truly outrageous claims.

We’ve all heard people throw around words like “miracle,” “magic,” and “unbelievable” when describing their weight loss products.

And, well, that last one might be the most accurate. The truth is, these claims are exaggerated at best and outright lies at worst.

But there’s a new weight loss supplement in town, one designed especially for women by a company with so much faith in their science-backed product.

So much so that they don’t bother resorting to these sensationalistic and misleading advertising tactics.

It’s called Hourglass Fit, and it’s shaping up to be one of the most effective weight loss supplements on the market.

Their website: www.hourglassfit.com

How Does Hourglass Fit Work?

The reason Hourglass Fit is so effective at helping women lose weight is that it takes a three-pronged approach to weight loss.

This section will go over each of these three targets and explain why they will aid in your weight loss goals.

1.   Hourglass Fit Helps Burn Fat

Ok, so “burning fat” isn’t the most accurate phrase to describe the outstanding weight loss potential of Hourglass Fit.

Really, we should say it “helps burn calories.” That is, the Hourglass Fit formula contains several top-quality ingredients that have been scientifically proven to boost your metabolism so your body will burn off those extra calories more efficiently.

2.   Hourglass Fit Gives You Energy

There’s no getting around it: if you want to lose weight, you need to increase your level of exercise.

It’s usually not enough to just cut calories; you’ll need to supplement that caloric reduction with increased calorie burning, which will leave you with the necessary caloric deficit to lose weight effectively.

That’s why Hourglass Fit includes ingredients that will not only boost your metabolism to burn calories more effectively but will also give you a nice shot of energy throughout the day.

This extra energy will help offset the reduction of energy resulting from running a caloric deficit.

3.   Hourglass Fit Curbs Hunger

Ok, so Hourglass Fit helps burn calories. Check. And it also promotes an increase in energy. Check. That all sounds great, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t also curb your caloric intake.

But you guessed it: Hourglass Fit thought of this too!

The Hourglass Fit formula includes the ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be the most effective at curbing hunger and fighting cravings.

Convinced? Head on over to the official Hourglass Fit site to get your first bottle today!

Hourglass Fit Ingredients

Hourglass Fit Ingredients
Hourglass Fit Ingredients

Before we get too far into our review, we must cover the main ingredients in this outstanding weight loss supplement.

Unsurprisingly, the Hourglass Fit formula incorporates just about every ingredient proven to promote weight loss in ideal proportions.

Further, the ingredients they use are of the best quality to mitigate any concerns over potential side effects.

  • Vitamin B6 for Metabolism

To lose weight, your body must burn more calories than it takes in. Simple, right?

But while the process of losing weight is easy in theory, we all know how difficult it is in practice.

That’s why Hourglass Fit includes Vitamin B6 (4 mg, 200% DV) in their formula; it’s proven to boost your metabolism, making weight loss much easier (1).

  • Vitamins B12 and D3 for Mood Stability

If you’re like us, trying to lose weight and curb calorie intake can make you a little…difficult.

We all know that “hangriness” is a genuine thing, which is why the good folks at Hourglass Fit have included Vitamins B12 (10 mcg, 167% DV) and D3 (1000 IU, 250% DV), which are well known for stabilizing moods and even fighting depression (2, 3).

  • Glucomannan for Suppressing Hunger

Losing weight successfully can’t be just a matter of boosting your metabolism; you also have to find a way to fight those cravings!

Luckily, Hourglass Fit contains Glucomannan (1500 mg), a soluble dietary fiber that helps you feel full and satisfied after eating (4)!

  • Green Tea Extract and Capsimax® for Burning Fat

When it comes to burning fat, the science is clear: green tea extract (500 mg) and capsaicin (100 mg) are among the most effective natural fat burners (5, 6).

But it gets even better! Green tea won’t just help you burn fat; it offers a whole host of health benefits—fighting against everything from cancers to diabetes!

  • Guarana for Energy and Anti-Aging

The best way to lose weight is to combine healthy eating, reduced caloric intake, and regular exercise. But that last one is a challenge for some.

Who has the energy to exercise after a long day of work when you’re limiting your calories?

The good news is Hourglass thought of this too and includes Guarana (100 mg) in their formula to boost energy (7).

And as a bonus, recent research has suggested Guarana may have some strong anti-aging properties, as well (8). That’s what we like to call a “freebie”!

  • Chromium for Reducing Cravings

Hourglass Fit wasn’t satisfied with including only one effective appetite-suppressant in Glucomannan, so they added Chromium (125 mcg, 125% DV) to reduce those awful cravings further.

Chromium is a proven appetite-suppressant and has been used to aid in weight loss for overweight and obese patients (9).

  • Bioperine® for Slowing Weight Gain

Hourglass Fit’s formulation of piperine (5 mg) is an alkaloid found in black pepper.

It has shown great promise in scientific studies for mitigating weight gain and promoting weight loss by increasing patients’ resting muscle metabolism (10).

You read that right: piperine will help you burn off calories while you sleep!

Does Hourglass Fit Have Any Side Effects?

Hourglass Fit Usage & Dosage

No matter what you ingest, there is always potential for side effects. This is true for everything, from supplements and medications to foods and beverages.

Our bodies are all unique, and therefore, they can respond quite differently to various factors.

That said, the potential for side effects— minor or severe —is shallow for this kind of weight loss supplement.

The most common side effects from such weight loss supplements are usually a result of high levels of added stimulants like caffeine, which can cause jitteriness and even trouble sleeping.

But that’s just one more area that Hourglass outmatches the competition.

While Hourglass does contain some caffeine through its inclusion of Guarana in the formula, the amount is much lower than that of similar supplements.

Of course, if you are particularly sensitive to caffeine or already consume a lot of it daily, you should be cautious when using Hourglass.

Just be sure to monitor and listen to your body to determine if the caffeine is causing any unusual problems or symptoms.

Other than that, there is nothing to be concerned about with Hourglass in terms of side effects.

The company uses premium ingredients for its formula, and the result is a remarkably well-tolerated supplement that will give you that extra edge in your weight loss journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to the Hourglass Fit official site and start shedding pounds safely today!

Usage & Dosage

One of the best aspects of Hourglass Fit is the ease of use and straightforward dosage instructions. Take one capsule three times a day with food. That’s it!

Unlike some other weight loss supplements out there, there’s no need to “cycle” or take breaks from using Hourglass. It works best when used continuously and regularly.

And it’s so easy to remember to take your Hourglass supplement. Just plan to take one capsule each with your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It really is that easy! So, why not take the guesswork out of weight loss supplements and order your Hourglass Fit supplement right now?

Pros & Cons

No added stimulants (besides Guarana)
High-quality premium ingredients
Low risk of side effects
90-day satisfaction guarantee
All-natural formulation
Realistic, honest advertising
You can only purchase it on the official website
Contains gelatine(not vegan or vegetarian friendly)

Where Can You Buy Hourglass Fit?

As we’ve mentioned above, you currently can only purchase Hourglass fit directly from the company’s own website.

While this may be an inconvenience for some, we’re confident you’ll find the secure ordering system and superb customer service will outweigh any minor frustrations you might have with ordering directly from the company.

Do You Get a Good Value for the Money?

Hourglass Fit Offers

No doubt about it. While some might balk at what they consider Hourglass’s premium price, the fact is that you’re getting a premium product and should expect to pay a tiny bit more for the outstanding quality of this supplement.

You can usually find a much cheaper alternative for many premium products that provides essentially the same quality.

This is not the case for weight loss supplements. There is a lot of total garbage out there, so you need to be careful when shopping around for budget-priced supplements.

But what are you getting at this premium price? Is it really worth it?

In our view, absolutely! There are just so many things about Hourglass Fit that makes it stand head and shoulders over the competition.

You’re getting the highest quality ingredients, a scientifically proven weight loss formula, and even a generous 90-day money-back guarantee.

There really is no risk to at least try out this exciting new supplement, so jump over to the Hourglass site for more information and to order now!


Is It Safe to Take Hourglass Fit?

No question about it: Hourglass is one of the safest weight loss supplements available. With no added stimulants and an emphasis on using the best ingredients, Hourglass is as safe as it is effective.

Do I Have to “Cycle” Hourglass Fit, or Can I Take It Continuously?

Because Hourglass is formulated with the safest, highest-quality, and most well-tolerated ingredients, it is outstanding—even encouraged!—to take daily without breaks. This is yet another benefit to Hourglass that comparable supplements can’t claim.

Will Hourglass Work for Men, Too?

Absolutely! Men and women aren’t all that different, after all. While Hourglass is specially formulated for women looking to shed pounds, it can still be quite effective for men with the same goals.

Will Hourglass Interact with Other Supplements I’m Taking?

Nope! You should be just fine taking additional supplements beyond Hourglass. One thing to keep an eye on, though, is the caffeine content of the other supplements.

While Hourglass only contains a small amount of caffeine, you’ll want to be sure you’re not overdoing it with other supplements that contain caffeine—especially if you’re someone who doesn’t tolerate caffeine well.

Does Hourglass Offer a Product Guarantee?

They sure do! When you buy Hourglass fit, you can be confident in your purchase because a 90-day guarantee backs the supplement.

If you take Hourglass regularly for 90 days and don’t see a significant improvement, they’ll happily refund the purchase price. No worries!

The Final Word

Hourglass Fit Fat Burner

Most product reviews end with considering whether or not the product in question is “right for you,” where the author gives examples of who might benefit from the product and who probably won’t. But, in this case, such an approach would be counterintuitive.

That is, in our view, anyone who wants to lose weight safely and effectively will benefit from using Hourglass.

It’s even entirely effective for men, not just women! The fact is, the combination of a formula derived from the best ingredients, a money-back guarantee, and a science-backed approach to weight loss makes this a real diamond in the rough on the weight loss supplement market.

Add to that the company’s emphasis on honesty and rejection of outlandish claims about “miracle cures” and impossibly fast results, and you can be sure you’re getting a quality product backed by a company that is striving to help, not trick you.

If you’re not convinced that Hourglass is one of the absolute best choices to help you along your path toward healthy, consistent, and long-term weight loss, we suppose you can keep buying that snake oil from other supplement producers.

But if you’re like us and are thoroughly impressed by the quality of this product and the company’s integrity behind it, then it’s time for you to check out the Hourglass website, where you can buy your first bottle right away!

<strong>Order Hourglass Fit Now </strong>

*Individual results may vary. Please speak with a doctor or physician before undertaking a new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.

**Last updated March 2021


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