PhenQ Review – Is It Value For The Money?


There are countless products out there that claim to cut weight rapidly, helping you lose pounds of fat. So often, these products come up short.

There is no miracle pill when it comes to weight loss. However, some products can make the process easier. That’s exactly what PhenQ is for.

With a combination of ingredients that increase fat burning, PhenQ gives you an added boost to help you lose weight faster.

What sets it apart from other products is that it uses multiple different approaches at the same time to encourage weight loss.

PhenQ encourages fat burning while also preventing fat deposits. It has several compounds that suppress your appetite and regulate sugar absorption, which keeps you from getting cravings throughout the day.

It also packs a small dose of caffeine to give you a bit of a jolt for exercise. With an all-natural ingredient list, PhenQ has few major benefits, making it a safe product for just about anyone who is trying to burn fat.

Without further ado, read on our team’s review of PhenQ, one of the most popular weight loss supplements on the market.

How Does PhenQ Work?

PhenQ Review

PhenQ uses a mix of proprietary ingredients and typical weight loss supplements to stimulate your metabolism and increase fat burn. It also helps you control your appetite throughout the day so that you are less tempted by sugary snacks.

PhenQ contains some compounds that increase thermogenesis, which raises your body temperature and burns fat. It also uses various ingredients to control your appetite and slow the absorption of sugar.

If your body takes in too much sugar at once, the extra energy gets converted into fat deposits. PhenQ uses fiber to give you a steady stream of sugar, preventing fat build-up. This also gives you better energy throughout the day, preventing crashes in the afternoon.

Like many weight loss supplements, PhenQ uses caffeine to encourage fat burning and give you more energy for exercise. Caffeine is also a mild appetite suppressant so that it can keep you away from snacks during the day.

PhenQ Ingredients

  • Caffeine

Caffeine is the most widely used stimulant out there, giving you more energy and helping reduce fatigue. It’s a favorite of athletes before workouts, giving them sustained focus as they exercise.

The caffeine in PhenQ gives you an extra boost so that you can move around more throughout the day. It also helps you control appetite, reducing cravings for snacks.

It’s a mainstay in just about every effective weight loss supplement, as it may also help the body burn more fat.

  • L-Carnitine Fumarate

This is an amino acid that is quite common in red meats and green vegetables. It’s an essential building block for proteins, and also helps stimulate fat burning throughout the body.

  • Nopal

Nopal is a type of cactus, and it’s known for its high levels of fiber. It’s relatively new to the world of weight loss supplements; therefore, you won’t find it in many products.

Since nopal has a big dose of fiber, it helps your body control appetite and the absorption of sugar. When your body absorbs too much sugar at once, you gain fat quickly. Fiber prevents this, giving your body a steady stream of sugar as it’s needed, leading to less fat gain.

Nopal is also rich in essential nutrients such as amino acids, so it’s a great ingredient to help give you a burst of energy during your workout, and it can also help your muscles recover after intense exercise.

  • Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is a type of dietary metal found in a lot of common foods, including red meat, vegetables, and whole grains.

It works by helping your body control the metabolism of sugar, giving your cells the energy they need. Chromium can help fight off cravings throughout the day, leading to less snacking.

  • Capsimax Powder

This is a brand name ingredient that’s designed to increase the rate of fat burning in your body. It makes use of capsicum and piperine, which are derived from peppers.

Capsimax powder increases the amount of thermogenesis in the body, which helps the body burn more fat throughout the day.

  • A-Lacys Reset

This is the star ingredient in PhenQ, with the company claiming that it attacks weight loss and fat burning in multiple different ways.

Unfortunately, it’s tough to test these claims directly, as the ingredients in this substance are proprietary. We know that it’s made from a combination of two amino acids that help the body build more muscle and burn fat.

Research shows that more muscle helps your body burn an increased number of calories. By increasing muscle mass, a-Lacys Reset may help your body burn more fat.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer of PhenQ does not list the dose of the ingredients in the supplement.

They say the amount of caffeine in the supplement is reasonably small, but you should take caution if you are sensitive to caffeine, as it could cause increased anxiety and sleep problems.

Side Effects

PhenQ has some major benefits and is safe when used by most people. It features natural ingredients that are safe when taken within the recommended range. However, some users may experience mild side effects when taking the supplement.

Here are some of the side effects reported by users:

  • Headaches
  • Stomach pain
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Problems falling asleep

Many of these side effects will get better as your body gets used to PhenQ. You can also avoid many of the gastrointestinal side effects by taking the supplement with a meal.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult with your doctor or physician before using any weight loss supplements.

PhenQ contains a dose of caffeine. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you should cut back on coffee and other caffeinated drinks to offset the added dose in PhenQ. Also avoid taking PhenQ late in the day, as you may have trouble falling asleep.

Generally, the side effects in PhenQ are easily avoidable as long as you are being sensible and read the instructions carefully.

Usage And Dosage

PhenQ Usage & Dosage

PhenQ should be taken twice per day, once in the morning with food, and then again at lunch or early in the afternoon. Although it can be taken on an empty stomach without serious health risks, you are more likely to suffer from gastrointestinal side effects.

Some users try to use a higher dose to get faster results. However, we strongly don’t recommend this. You likely won’t get better results, but you’ll increase the risk of side effects.

Since PhenQ contains caffeine, you should avoid taking it late in the afternoon or the evening, as it could interfere with sleep. You may also want to cut back a bit on coffee, as the extra caffeine could make you anxious.

PhenQ works best when taken daily, as it helps your body regulate fat deposits. It will still be somewhat effective if taken now and again, but you won’t get the same level of results that you would if you took it every day.

PhenQ Pros

  • Added energy
  • Fewer crashes late in the day
  • Great safety profile
  • Prevents fat deposits
  • Reduces food cravings
  • Money-back guarantee
  • FREE shipping on multipack purchases

PhenQ Cons

  • Caffeine may cause sleeping issues for some users
  • Uses a proprietary blend

Where Can I Buy PhenQ?

You can find PhenQ on the websites of major third-party retailers. However, the manufacturer does not recommend that you buy from any of these sites, as the products are not always authentic.

The best place to get PhenQ is directly from the website. There’s no risk of fake products, and they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product. You’ll also find the best deals, so you’ll save a significant amount of money.

A bottle of PhenQ will usually cost you $70. However, you can save a significant amount of money by buying five bottles for $190. You’ll also get free shipping if you buy in bulk.

PhenQ Order

Does It Work?

The manufacturer of PhenQ claims that it can quickly help you shed weight by burning fat. They also say that it can prevent fat from forming in the first place, attacking weight loss from multiple different angles.

These are bold claims, so PhenQ has a lot to deliver on. For the most part, the product lives up to the hype.

What sets PhenQ apart from many other brands is that it fights weight loss in multiple different ways. It stimulates fat loss while also helping regulate appetite and prevent fat deposits.

It also gives you an extra energy boost, which enables you to push through workouts and avoid snacking when tired.

Like any weight loss supplement, the results you get with PhenQ will also depend on the amount of work you put in. The supplement can help you shed pounds quickly, but you’ll need to combine it with regular exercise and a healthy diet to get the best results.

You’ll also have to be patient, as it can take a while to see the results you want while using PhenQ. That’s not to criticize the product, as any weight loss is going to take plenty of time.

Is It A Good Value For The Money?

PhenQ doesn’t come cheap, costing up to $70 per bottle. That’s a lot of money to pay if a product doesn’t work.

Fortunately, PhenQ delivers. It’s a quality product that offers you everything you need to start burning fat- provided that you also get plenty of exercises and eat well.

Although it may seem expensive, PhenQ gives you a good value by rolling multiple different types of supplements into one.

It burns fat, prevents fat from forming, regulates appetite, and gives you added energy. It’s a one-stop fat-burning shop that helps you quickly shed pounds and build a leaner body.

That said, PhenQ isn’t for everyone. If you only want to lose a few pounds, it may not be worth the investment. It’s also not going to work if you don’t commit to regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take to lose weight with PhenQ?

That depends on your total weight loss goals, as well as your exercise routine and diet. Many users of PhenQ start to notice weight loss within a couple of weeks of beginning use of the supplement.

However, if you plan on dropping a significant amount of weight while taking PhenQ, it could take months for you to reach your goals.

The time it takes to lose weight while using the supplement will also depend on how much you exercise, as well as the quality of your diet.

2. Who should take PhenQ?

PhenQ is targeted at anyone who wants to lose weight, regardless of age or sex. It can be used if you are in shape, but want to shed a few more pounds of fat, as well as if you are looking to lose a significant amount of weight.

Minors should not take PhenQ unless under the supervision of a doctor. Women who are pregnant should also speak to their doctor before taking PhenQ.

If you have a preexisting health condition, speak to your doctor before taking PhenQ. It contains caffeine, so it may not be safe for people who have certain cardiovascular conditions.

3. How long should you take PhenQ?

PhenQ is designed to help you lose weight as quickly as possible. However, the length of time you should take the supplement will vary widely depending on what your weight loss goals are.

Combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, PhenQ can deliver noticeable weight loss results within a few months. However, if you want to lose a significant amount of weight, you may need to take the supplement for even longer than this.

Since PhenQ has an all-natural ingredient list, long term use is safe. However, you may want to take short breaks if using the product for more than a few months to give your body some time to rest.

4. How long will a bottle of PhenQ last?

The manufacturer recommends that you take two pills per day. Since each bottle contains 60 capsules, it will give you a month’s supply.

5. Does PhenQ need to be taken every day?

Although you may still get some benefits from taking PhenQ sporadically, you’ll get the best results by taking the supplement every day.

6. Can you take PhenQ with other supplements?

Yes. PhenQ is entirely safe when taken with most other common supplements, provided that you stick to the recommended dose.

However, PhenQ does contain caffeine. If you take any other supplements with stimulants, such as a pre-workout, you should check how much caffeine you are consuming, as the added dose from PhenQ increases the risk of feeling anxious and jittery.

Our Verdict

The market is packed with weight loss supplements claiming to offer security solutions. Although some will get you results, most end up being a disappointment.

With PhenQ, you won’t be let down. It’s a reliable weight loss product that delivers on its promises, helping you burn fat and build a leaner, more muscular body.

What makes PhenQ stand out is its multi-angle approach to weight loss. By burning fat, preventing fat from forming, and stopping cravings, PhenQ does more than most other supplements to help you quickly lose weight. It’s also a safe product, so you don’t need to worry about any severe side effects.

Unfortunately, PhenQ is a bit secretive with its ingredient list. The main ingredient is a proprietary blend, so you don’t know exactly what you’re getting with the supplement.

Another downside to using it is the cost. PhenQ uses quality natural ingredients, and the price tag reflects that. That said, it’s more than worth the cost for anyone seriously interested in losing weight building a more muscular body.

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*Individual results may vary. Please speak with a doctor or physician before undertaking a new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.

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