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The battle ropes were frequently but only used by the MMA fighters. But today, even the regular practitioners and fitness freaks use them in their regular regime.

If you are consistent at your gym or have done those military-style boot camps in the outdoors, you already know what a battle rope is. These ropes are handy if you are looking to gain some serious lean muscle and reducing body fat.

In this article, we will review some of the best battle ropes available on the market. So if you are ready to strengthen your core for good, then keep reading!

What are the battle ropes?

For those of you who are not familiar with a battle rope, a torturing instrument that most personal trainers use on their victims. Sorry for all the hard sell, but it’s just the way it is!

This torturing instrument is handy for packing on some lean muscles getting rid of body fat. These ropes are not easy to use because they are designed for a full-body workout. But the good thing is that these battle ropes are pretty fun to use and are very intense. Using them will produce some visible results in a short time.

So if you are battle-ready, have a look at our list of the top 10 best battle ropes of 2019!

Top 10 Best Battle Ropes

1) Battle Ropes by Power Guidance      Power guidance battle rope

Available in different sizes
Nylon sleeve covering for durability
Increased durability with 100% Dacron

The battle ropes by Power Guidance are the best battle ropes that you can find for your personal training. These are available in different diameters and lengths. You can either choose a 1.5-inch or 2-inch diameter and go for 30-foot, 40-foot, or 50-foot length. The rope design features a twisting of 3-strands that doesn’t lose shape over time.

You can either use them at your home gym or outdoors. These ropes are covered with a sleeve of nylon, and it does its job pretty well to keep the friction at a minimum. It also boosts the overall durability of these ropes significantly.

The manufacturer has used high-quality Dacron that increases the durability of these ropes and makes them better the polypro and polydac blend.

Your purchase will also include an anchor for the ropes to cling. The grips of these battle ropes are designed to reduce heat and keep your hands safe while keeping the grip steady. It will not come off no matter what!

Different sizes are available for beginners and pros.
Nylon sleeve covering reduces friction.
Dacron boosts durability and strength.
Grips will not come off and will keep your hands safe.
Twisted 3-strand construction.
Shorter ropes don’t dissipate energy that well.

Best Place to Buy

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2) Training Ropes by AmazonBasics 

AmazonBasics battle rope

Equally suitable for pros and beginners.
Can be used for a variety of exercises.
Easy-rolling up ensures ease of transportation and portability.

This battle rope is also available in different sizes and lengths and is fairly close to what the first entry in our list has to offer. With this battle rope, you can build your core and condition your shoulders, arms, hands, back, and legs.

It has a three-strand construction that will reduce fraying, losing, or breaking. You can conveniently use it for climbing, pulling, and undulation.

The ropes have a design that allows you to roll them up and carry them easily. This means that you can conveniently take them on your trips without any issues. If you are constantly on the move but don’t want to compromise on your fitness routine, these ropes are the best ones to use.

Price is the factor that differentiates it from the Power Guardian’s battle ropes. It is available in two diameters (1.5-inch and 2-inch) and three lengths (30-foot, 40-foot, and 50-foot).

High quality and long-lasting performance.
Versatile construction allows you to use them for a range of different activities.
Available in different lengths and diameters.
Easily roll them to take and use anywhere you like.

The grip is a little harsh on your hands.
 There are no sleeves on this rope to prevent friction.

Best Place to Buy

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3) Battle Ropes by NexPro

NEXPRO battle rope

Different lengths to choose from.
Durable and wear-resistant performance.
Water resisting 600D Oxford sleeve prevents friction.

The NexPro battle ropes are made of a high-quality blend of polyester and polypropylene. Therefore, these ropes are highly resistant to wear and are extremely durable. Due to this blend, your ropes also have a high tensile strength to absorb energy.

It is only available in a 1.5-inch diameter, but you can choose from three different lengths, including 30, 40, and 50 feet. The ropes have that conventional three-strand construction for maximum strength and endurance.

You’ll find a water-resistant sleeve on these ropes. The manufacturer has used 600D Oxford material to construct it. This sleeve will keep your ropes safe from fraying as well as fiction.

Wearproof polyester and polypropylene blend.
Maximum tensile strength.
Available in three different lengths.
Triple strand construction for maximum durability.
600D Oxford sleeve for reducing friction and promoting outdoor use.

It is only available in one diameter.
Not the ideal option for the pros.

Best Place to Buy

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4 ) Battle Ropes for Training by Profect Sports 

Profect Sports battle rope

Upgrade protective sleep for durability.
100% Dacron construction for strength training.
Available in three diameters.
Highly suitable for Crossfit and cardio workouts.

These high-quality battle ropes are suitable for those who are serious about their strength training and workout routines. These battle ropes are available in three different diameters. You can either choose 1.5-inch, 2-inch, or 2.5-inch diameter ropes.

If you are really looking to build core strength and lean muscle, these ropes can work wonders for you. You can conveniently take your workouts to the next level. This is another 100% Dacron battle rope on our list. It is not going to wear out any time soon, no matter how hard your workout is.

Additionally, these battle ropes feature a Dura Max sleeve for protection and keeping the ropes fray-free. Your purchase will also include a couple of high-quality anchors to crack on wherever you like. The grips of these ropes feature heavy-duty coating for easy gripping while keeping your hands safe.

Very durable construction for heavy-duty workouts.
100% Dacron used in the development of these battle ropes.
Your purchase will include a couple of anchors and a steel carabiner.
The grips of these battle ropes are very ergonomic and durable.
Very easy to set up wherever you like.
Available in three diameters.

These battle ropes are meant for pros only.

Best Place to Buy

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5) Battle Ropes by Firebreather 

Firebreather battle rope

It comes with a foldable poster for training assistance.
Designed for a range of different fitness exercises.
Made of high performing polydac material.

As a beginner, you’ll find Firebreather battle ropes very useful. You will get a set of anchor straps to set up your ropes wherever you like. The ropes themselves are covered with sleeves, and they won’t fray due to friction, no matter how hard you train.

These ropes are available in three different lengths, but you only have one diameter to work with (1.5-inch). These battle ropes are meant for beginners and intermediates, but these ropes will work for you pretty well if you are a pro.

You can not only burn your fat but also improve your cardio while gaining lean muscle in the process.

You will also get a poster on which there are different types of exercises given with illustrations. You can use these to get on the way in no time. Now you can train the right way with these step-by-step illustrations.

You will also get a poster for training in the right manner.
These battle ropes are very easy to set up wherever you like.
There is a protective sleeve on each of the ropes to keep it free from friction and fraying.
These ropes are made of high-quality polydac material for maximum strength.

The grips are slightly tough on your hands and you need to wear gloves.

Best Place to Buy

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6) Zeny Battle Ropes 

Zeny battle rope

Value for money
600D water-resistant sleeve for protection.
Machine knitted 3-strand construction for maximum durability.

The Zeny battle ropes are made of industrial-grade polyester. Furthermore, these are knitted with machines and feature triple strand construction. Therefore, your ropes are not going to fray, and they can handle friction pretty well too.

Zeny has used 600D Oxford to construct these ropes, and they are fully resistant to water. Therefore, you can use them outdoors if you want. Due to their hardcore construction, these battle ropes are very rigid and deliver a solid performance.

You need to move the protective sleeve towards the folding portion of this battle rope, further preventing loosening or wear.

These battle ropes have thick, elongated handles so they won’t slide through your hand. You can easily use them for as long as you want. Your hands will not feel pain when you are done.#

Industrial-grade polyester in these battle ropes.
The triple strand construction makes the rope better for intense workouts.
The protective sleeve prevents fraying or friction.
There are heat shrinking grips that won’t lose grip in your hand.
Better suited for full-body workouts and core development.
These battle ropes are designed for intermediates.

Only available in one diameter.

Best Place to Buy

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7) Garage Fit Battler Ropes 

Garage fit battle rope

Heavy-duty polyester.
Available in different colors and sizes.
Exceptional grip.

These ropes feature heavy-duty construction. It has a 3-stand design, and Garage Fit has used high-quality polyester to develop these battle ropes. These ropes are wear-resistant. They will not fray even if you use them in the outdoors regularly.

One of the best features of these ropes is that they offer a firm grip. It is designed to stay in your hands during heavy activity and movement. Moreover, they feature heat shrinking caps. You will have a solid hold on your rope, but they will also prevent the rope from unraveling.

The water-proof sleeves allow you to use them without wearing gloves. These ropes are good for full-body workouts and cardio. These ropes will produce a lot of sweat in no time. You will feel that you’re torturing your body fat big time.

Easy to roll and firm grip.
Highly portability.
Good for a variety of workouts.
Available in two different diameters and three different lengths.
Made of high-quality polyester for increased strength and durability.
The heat shrinking grips are very nice and you won’t need gloves to use the battle ropes.

The 1.5-inch diameter rope is not available in a 50-foot length.

Best Place to Buy

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8) Titan Battle Ropes 

Titan Fitness battle rope

Very easy to tie and won’t fray.
Can use it for climbing.
Comfortable and long handles.

Making waves with this battle rope is going to need a lot of effort from you. These ropes are made of high-quality Dacron. It is going to last for a long time.

In addition to that, this battle rope has a comfortable grip and is very tightly braided. It will not get loose, and you can continue to use the ropes for a long time to come. You can tie these ropes to a rafter and climb if you like.

This rope is suitable for all types of low-impact, high-intensity workouts, and you can build lean muscles in no time.

These battle ropes are easy to set up, and you can use them wherever you like. They are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

This heavy-duty rope is not going to fray easily.
Very long and comfortable handles for easy grip.
You can use these ropes for climbing.
It is a heavy rope, and you will need to put in a lot of effort into heavy activities.

This is not the ideal option for beginners or intermediates to use.

Best Place to Buy

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9) Battle Ropes by IBS 

Ironbull strength battle rope

Anchor kit and nylon sleeve included.
Best for improving muscle endurance.
Comfortable grips for heavy activity.

These battle ropes are made of wear-resistant industrial-grade polydac. They will continue to perform as long as you want them to. You can confidently use them in your exercises for many years to come.

You can improve your cardio or use them for full-body workouts. These ropes will help you torch fat very quickly and build your muscles while improving your cardio.

Furthermore, your purchase will include an anchor kit. The ropes are effortless to set up, and you can set them up wherever you like. These ropes also come with protective sleeves, and they won’t fray due to friction, no matter how intense your workout is.

These battle ropes are suitable for beginners.
They are light in weight but are very resilient.
Industrial grade polydac is used for their construction for heavy-duty performance.
They come with a protective sleeve to keep them safe from fraying.

These are not the best choice of battle ropes for pros and experts.

Best Place to Buy

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10) Super Deal Battle Ropes 

Super Deal Battle Ropes battle rope

Best for beginners.
Polydac construction.

If you are looking to use battle ropes for the first time, you need to consider these seriously. They only come in a single diameter of 1.5-inch and length of 30 feet. However, you can use them in a range of different workouts.

The manufacturer has used polydac for the development of these battle ropes. They are designed to take a toll and will not wear out with time. You will only consider replacing them when you are looking for a longer or a thicker rope.

The triple strand braided construction of these ropes makes them very durable. They have high tensile strength and will not lose shape even if you continue to use them daily.

These battle ropes are effortless to roll. You can carry them on the go. Moreover, they have versatile construction so that you can use them for a range of workouts too.

Lightweight construction with heavy-duty polydac material.
Grips go easy on your hands.
Comfortably roll them and use them wherever you want.
Use them for a variety of workouts.

Only available in single length and diameter.

Best Place to Buy

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How to find the right Battle Rope?

Of course, there is a long list of brands with their battle ropes floating on the market. Finding the right one can be a little difficult job.

But this is not the case when you know exactly what you are looking for. Therefore, we have developed this buying guide to assist you in finding the right kind of battle rope that can meet all your needs.

1) Material

Many manufacturers use materials such as manila, polypropylene, polydac, Dacron, nylon, and polyester. Manila is a natural material that comes from plants. This material tends to leave hair when you are done with your session.

Therefore, if you are looking to train indoors, you need to stay away from manila. The rest of the materials are all synthetic, and each one of them is a good choice for indoor and outdoor sessions.

2) Length

You will find the most common lengths in battle ropes are 30 feet, 40 feet, and 50 feet. When you are looking to train hard, the longest rope works best for you. However, you will need plenty of space for these ropes. Some manufacturers also offer other lengths ranging from 10 feet to 100 feet.

If you are looking to do battle ropes quickly, you need to go for shorter ropes. These ropes are best for martial arts, explosiveness, conditioning, and specific strength. Longer ropes are better for cardio and full-body workouts.

Apart from that, shorter ropes are better for traveling because they are portable. And if you are looking to do your workout session outdoors, you need to go for longer lengths with water-resistant properties.

3) Diameter 

With the rope’s diameter, you can determine the type of workout you can perform with it. Thicker ropes are better for strength training, and thinner ropes work well for cardio sessions.

You can go for a thicker rope like a pro, while beginners need to go for the thinner ropes. Three diameters are available, including 1.5-inch, 2-inch, and 2.5-inch.

Naturally, a thicker rope will need a stronger grip. It will activate your forearms a lot more than a thinner rope.

4) Durability

If you are looking for water resistivity, then go for non-synthetic materials. These ropes are far more durable than their synthetic counterparts.

The water-resistant models also come with anti-fray features. Weather is not going to wear them out no matter what. Make sure that you check for those shrink caps right on the edges of these ropes. These caps will significantly enhance the overall durability of these ropes.

5) Flexibility

Flexible battle ropes perform really well. Therefore, you need to look for the ropes that come with flexibility. Even if you are looking to use them for smaller waves, flexibility remains relevant. Stiffer ropes are only good for building strength and HIIT training sessions.

6) Personal preferences 

After going through all the above aspects and checking all the boxes the last but not least come your personal preferences; for instance, you might be looking for a specific color, decals, design, or details.

Different people prefer to see various aesthetics according to their personal liking. Just make sure that your design preferences do not hinder the actual features of a battle rope.

Who needs to use battle ropes and why?

People normally use battle ropes for strength training and building the core. This is accurate, but these battle ropes are equally great for burning fats. And most people don’t know that!

This is because you can use these battle ropes for highly intense cardio. There is a lot of repetitive motion involved in most of the drills featuring battle ropes. Due to the constant rhythm, these ropes demand a lot of muscle movement from all over the body.

This is exactly why wrestlers and boxers use battle ropes, and MMA fighters are long known among the users. These ropes build forearm strength and also boost overall conditioning. Mixed martial artists also use battle ropes for side-to-side drills involving grappling motion. It allows them to lift the opponent and flail him easily.

Battle ropes are also useful for football players. These ropes increase the overall strength for tackling and those head-on maneuvers.

Rowers and swimmers use these ropes to improve their timing and coordination. Just like swimming, battle ropes also require your upper and lower body strength. With battle ropes, you can also harness strength resistance that is essential in rowing.

If you are a regular fitness enthusiast, then you can benefit from it as well. It will help you reduce your body fat, and you can build muscle and endurance. You can always go for a full-body workout even if you are on the go with these battle ropes.

Basic Battle Rope Drills for the Beginners

If you are looking to include battle ropes in your fitness regime for the first time, then these basic drills will get you going in no time.

1) Alternating waves

You can begin by standing in a stance where your feet are shoulder-width apart from each other. Hold an end of both ropes in both your hands and squat down a little. Now start creating a wave motion with each of your arms. It sounds straightforward, but you will feel it when you do it.

2) Slamming double-arm

Take the same position as you did in alternating waves and hold the ropes in both your hands. Now lift both ends simultaneously and slam the rope in the ground as hard as you possibly can. This is where you will use a serious amount of energy, allowing you to release a lot of frustration.

3) Jumping jacks

Grab the battle ropes in your every hand and extend your legs while raising your arms simultaneously. Start moving in a jumping jack motion, and you will start to sweat as you have never before.

4) Russian twists

You can get down on the ground and be in a seated position, make sure that you lean your torso slightly back so that your body is at a 45-degrees angle. Now hold the ropes firmly and execute the Russian twist. This is going to be very tough on you, so be prepared for that!

5) Alternating waves with a lunging

This is a variant of the alternative waves, and you need to throw in a deep lunge. You need to do this as you are making those ripples. This will enable you to develop coordination and balance with this one.

Tips for using Battle Ropes

Here are some tips for you to consider when using these battle ropes.

  1. When working with the battle ropes, ensure that you maintain your balance and keep your feet grounded. This will be beneficial for a full-body workout.
  2. Do not hold your breath during your battle rope routine. A lot of people do so, and this is wrong. This will allow you to carry on with your activity as long as possible.
  3. You need to enjoy your workout and ease yourself into it. Don’t rush through your session.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine which diameter and length to choose?

Both novices and pros have this question in their minds. The thickness or diameter of the rope is going to influence the kind of workout you are doing. If you are looking for intense cardio workouts, then a thinner rope will suit you.

For strength building, thicker ropes are better. Similarly, long ropes are better for most workouts but if you are looking to use your ropes indoor, then go for a shorter rope. For outdoor longer, ropes are better.

Being a novice, what basic exercise I need to do with my battle rope?

You need to start with alternating waves. You can do this exercise with several variations later on. So you should familiarize yourself with it. You just need to maintain a steady pace and intensity in this workout.

What exercises can I do with battle ropes?

These battle ropes are very versatile. When you have mastered alternating waves, you can use these ropes for many exercises. You can do shoulder circles, snakes on the floor, power slams, knee-tuck plyo slams, and so many others.

What muscles will I tone with battle ropes?

Battle ropes, when done right, can be useful for a full-body workout. You can do a plethora of different exercises with these ropes, and you can target any muscle in your body.

Can I combine battle ropes with weights?

There is no reason why you shouldn’t! You can absolutely add weights if you like. This will allow you to supercharge the outcomes and will increase your power and endurance. You can do a double whammy if you are really serious about building strength.

Our Verdict

After going through the top quality products available on the market, the winner of this roundup of best battle ropes is Power Guidance. Their battle ropes come with nylon sleeves, and they do not fray even in intense workouts.

That’s not all…

They are made of 100% Dacron and are designed to take a lot of tolls. You can use them for a range of different workouts and burns your body fat in no time.

So which one of these battle ropes have you used before? Did we miss your favorite pair in our listings? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section given below!

Let’s get going!

This post was last updated on 24th March 2021


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