Best CrossFit Shoes for 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


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CrossFit is prone to several injuries because of its nature. Therefore, you need to wear proper gear for this activity.

Among all the gears, shoes are the most important because you have to be on your feet at all times. The best CrossFit shoes need to be flat at the bottom, and they must have a neutral or negative heel drop.

This design will assist you in pushing your weight through your heels. Essentially, these shoes will keep you grounded while you move around during those heavy lifts.

Whether you choose to do your activities at your home or hit the gym, you need to choose the right kind of pair. In this post, we will review the top 10 best CrossFit shoes for 2021.

Let’s delve into the reviews to find the best pair for yourself.

What are CrossFit shoes?

For those of you who don’t know much about CrossFit shoes, these shoes are specifically designed for CrossFit activities. This pair provides your feet with the necessary support for a range of activities.

For instance, if you do a lot of jumps or weightlifting, your feet need to have a firm grip so they can support your body weight along with the extra forces that your body experiences during the process.

There are various reasons why you need to wear CrossFit shoes instead of any ordinary pair of shoes. These shoes need to provide your feet with a tremendous amount of balance, comfort, and flexibility. Some people think that running shoes are good enough for CrossFit, but that is not true.

Top 10 Best CrossFit Shoes Currently on the Market

1) Nike Men’s Metcon 2

Nike Men's Metcon 2

  • Top mesh delivers breathable support.
  • The solid rubber sole offers great traction.
  • The shaft measures 2.5 inches from the arch

If you search for the best CrossFit shoes for training, then Metcon 2 shoes by Nike are highly recommended. You’ll fall in love with the snug-fitting and aesthetical design of shoes. It comes with a synthetic rubber sole that delivers outstanding traction. Additionally, the top of the shoes is covered with 100% mesh, making them highly breathable.

Due to firm support, your feet will be comfortable throughout the training session. It is also equipped with foam that supports lightweight cushioning and delivers comfort as you jump, climb, lift, and run.

The best feature of Nike Metcon 2 shoes is that it provides a stable platform due to flat heel.

These shoes are accessible in plenty of stylish and attractive colors as well as multiple sizes. So you can purchase according to your favorite color and size that fits on your feet.

Apart from that, it delivers on-demand support because of Flywire cables. This super-strong cable joins with the laces to secure your foot.

This high-intensity flexibility and support keep you going at full speed. They are the best shoes for short-distance runs, jumps, and moderate weightlifting.

Super strong on-demand support.

Lightweight cushioning offers comfort.

It provides a stable platform during an explosive lift.

The best CrossFit shoes for training.

Available in plenty of stunning colors and sizes.

Produces a squeaky noise.

Not suitable for heavier lift.

Best Place to Buy

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2) Adidas Powerlift 3.1

adidas Men's Powerlift.3.1 Cross Trainer

  • Air mesh collar offers breathability.
  • Adiwear synthetic outsole increases durability.
  • Low-top shaft measures from arch.

Powerlift 3.1 Crossfit shoes by Adidas provide firm support throughout your lift. The air mesh collar ensures maximum breathability, which keeps your feet dry and cool.

What’s the best part? It comes with a flexible toe to ensure you have the right flexibility.

Furthermore, it is equipped with weight distribution plates, which keep you stable throughout your training session. These are incredibly lightweight, comfortable, and durable CrossFit shoes.

Another good feature is that the die-cut high-density midsole provides cushioning and lightweight stability.

It also features a lace closure with a wider strap ensuring a tight fit that keeps you comfortable during your lifts. It is made of synthetic and lightweight leather. The sleek design makes it stylish.

These durable shoes are ideal for both competitive and recreational lifters. Both men and women can wear them with comfort during their training sessions.

Stylish, durable and secure fit.

Adequate cushioning with a flexible toe.

Weight distribution effective plate.

Enhance breathability and comfort.

Available in many colors and sizes.

It offers a narrow fit.

Moderate arch support.

Best Place to Buy

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3) Aleader Trainers 

Aleader Men's Cross Trainer Shoes Lightweight Sport Walking Sneakers

  • Rubber outsole offers exceptional traction.
  • Top mesh with the hole on the sole makes it breathable.
  • The lightweight midsole gives an outstanding bounce back.

A leader trainer shoes are one of the most durable and comfortable shoes. The company uses synthetic and textile to construct it, which makes it flexible.

The water drain and rubber outsole offer excellent traction, especially in slippery and wet conditions. You will find them incredibly comfortable and supportive.

Additionally, it is equipped with a Solyte midsole, which delivers exceptional lightweight cushioning with great durability and bounce-back.

It comes with a ComfortDry sock liner that gives a great cushioning performance. Moreover, it creates a drier, healthier, and cooler shoe environment.

Leader shoes are the best CrossFit shoes for running because of superior breathability. The upper of the shoes are covered with open mesh and hole on the outsole. The combination of open mesh and hole make it highly breathable and quick drying.

On the other hand, these walking sneaker shoes are available in stylish colors, so you can opt as you want.

Insole cushioning makes it shock absorption.

A rubber outsole provides extra traction.

Delivers full support.

Breathable and comfortable.

Available in 6 colors and many sizes.

Lack of arch support.

It doesn’t give the best grip.

Best Place to Buy

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4) Reebok Nano 4.0 

Reebok Women's Crossfit Nano 4.0 Training Shoe

  • MetaSplit outsole for optimal traction.
  • Duracage top for enhanced protection.
  • Anti-friction ETC lining.

If you are under the training of rope climbs, Reebok Nano 4.0 should be your first preference. The company has wrapped these shoes from the top with RopePro protection. This protection offers bite as well as outstanding support for rope climbs. These shoes are also incredible in terms of durability, comfort, and performance.

The shoe’s midsole has constructed with double density foam, which delivers cushioned forefoot and stable heels. It is also a shock absorption shoe so that you can wear it during your workout session with comfort and support. Furthermore, the upper is covered with an open weave mesh that enhanced breathability.

Last but not least… It features anti-friction ETC lining that makes it the best CrossFit shoes for training.

Comfortable due to shock absorption.

Offers the best support for rope climbs.

Duracage technology gives an indestructible.

Advanced mesh for improved breathability.

Heel to toe 4mm drop gives a comfortable feel.

Not enough traction on trails.

Not suitable for jogging due to less arch support.

Best Place to Buy

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5) 11 Recon M

Men's Recon Trainer-M

  • Made with pure leather and textile.
  • Synthetic sole offers traction and stability.
  • Heel to toe 8mm drop provides outstanding support.

If you practice any kind of heavy lifting workout, you need a stable sole, excellent traction, and enhanced comfort. We recommend you Recon 5.11 shoes for heavy lifting. The company uses 100% pure leather and imported textile in its construction that makes it durable.

The upper of the shoes has a stretch mesh frame, which promotes airflow and flexibility. It ensures to keep you dry and cool, plus layering of HELCOR leather guarantee strength.

The company is manufacturing midsole with the CMEVA full length and insole with OrthoLite.

A combination of the in-and-out sole offers comfort and support simultaneously. Thus, you can wear it for walking, jogging, and other types of workouts on all terrains.

In addition to that, these shoes are integrated with Rope Ready Zones, which delivers enhanced traction and speed.  Consequently, these shoes are the best CrossFit shoes for men.

Versatile design makes it best for heavy lifting training.

Delivers enhanced stability, traction, and comfort.

Fully supportive due to CMEVA midsole and OrthoLite insole.

Available in 6 colors and many sizes.

Truly all-terrain shoes.

Not suitable to wear in the winter season.

Best Place to Buy

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6) Vibram V-Train 

Vibram Men's V-Train Cross-Trainer Shoe

  • Upper is covered with TPU panels, spandex, and polyester.
  • The rubber outsole offers optimal durability and balance traction.
  • Equipped with poly fabric antimicrobial sock liner

Vibram V-Train CrossFit shoes are engineered with technology and other premium-quality compounds. Vibram XS Trek is a great technical compound that delivers high performance, wet traction, and flexibility.

These are the best shoes to wear on any unpredictable terrain that provides comfort and stability. The insole of this shoe has an EVA 2mm footbed that provides excellent cushioning during workouts.

The upper part of the shoes is covered with 95% polyester and 5% spandex, making it highly breathable.

Here’s the best part, these shoes are machine washable. You can use dryers to dry them. You can wear it for lifting heavy weights because it comes with a circular lug pattern that provides a good grip on lateral movement.

Excellent grip while lateral movement due to circular lug pattern.

A little more structure provides flexibility.

Rubber sole delivers superior traction.

Available in 3 colors and many sizes.

Ideal for rope climbing.

Not a standard shoe so difficult to choose the right size.

Not comfortably fit.

Best Place to Buy

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7) Nike Flex Supreme TR 5 

NIKE Women's Flex Supreme TR 5 Cross Training Shoe

  • Rubber sole provides great stability.
  • Inner heel equipped with foam for comfort.
  • Shaft measures 2.5 inches from the arch.

Nike Flex Supreme TR-5 shoes are the best CrossFit shoes for women. The company has used an imported quality rubber sole that delivers excellent stability. The upper mesh layer gives you comfortable and soft support.

Additionally, the lower layer is equipped with high-density foam that delivers durable cushioning. The best thing is that the inner double density foam is combined for providing customized cushioning. So you can adjust the foam density acceding to your workout session.

The Hexagonal pattern on the outsole enhances flexibility as well as offers 360 degrees of movement. These shoes are available in four stunning colors and many sizes. Thus, you can choose according to your preferred color and accurate size to comfortably fit in your foot.

An ultra-flexible outsole for comfort.

Lightweight and breathable construction.

The minimal design delivers ideal support.

Ideal for multiple training activities.

Delivers dynamic fit.

Narrow and snug-fitting.

The heel isn’t well cushioned.

Best Place to Buy

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8) Reebok Nano 9 

Reebok Men's Nano 9 Cross Trainer

  • Low-cut design for traction.
  • Rubber sole provides great stability.
  • Shaft measures low-top from arch.

If you are participating in multiple training sessions, then Reebok Nano 9 should be your priority. The durable and lightweight construction makes it ideal for cardio, CrossFit workout, and other lifting sessions.

The top of the shoes has designed with woven Flexweave textile that provides resilient stretch and targeted support.

Furthermore, the midfoot cage provides lightweight support. The NanoShell polyurethane protects the midsole of the shoe from abrasion. Thus, you can use it for heavy weight lifting training.

Here’s the best part… The heel TPU clip adds rearfoot stability on all terrains.

The top layer also offers security, durability, and breathability. The strong foundation gives a comfortable fit along with powerful movements. The outsole comes with minimal drop for securing your foot during a workout. Reebok Nano 9 shoes are available in plenty of stunning and eye-catching colors.

Ideal for cardio, CrossFit, and lifting sessions.

Upper woven textile makes it resilient stretch.

Enhanced durability, stability, and performance.

Abrasion-resistant shoes for all-terrain.

Available in a wide range of colors and many sizes.

Not much comfortable for flat foot.

The outsole isn’t long-lasting.

Best Place to Buy

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9)  Inov-8 4-Lite 240 

Inov-8 Men's F-lite 240 Cross-trainer Shoe

  • MetaFlex technology.
  • Ropetec traction.
  • 100% textile.

Inov-8 are the best Crossfit shoes for men because of the technologies used in their construction. It features Meta-Flex that will enable you to flex your feet naturally. Due to the met-cradle lace system, your feet will remain secure no matter how fast you move around.

These shoes are one of the best in terms of how they feel on your foot when you move. You will feel like your shoes are just an extension of your feet.

Furthermore, these shoes feature Ropetec traction for superior durability. These features make these shoes one of the best choices for rope climbers.

Inov-8 has used high-quality textiles in the construction of these shoes, and the sole is made of rubber. So traction and breathability are going to be of superior level. These shoes are excellent for running, cardio, weightlifting, and CrossFit workouts.

Available in different sizes and colors.

Rubber sole with Ropetec traction.

MetaFlex technology for superior flexibility.

Excellent for different workouts.

They do take some time to break in.

Best Place to Buy

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10)  York Athletics The Henry  

York Athletics The Henry Lightweight Running Sneaker, Unisex Running Shoe

  • Lightweight construction.
  • A perfect combination of form and function.
  • Excellent breathability.

If breathability and lightweight construction are among your top priorities, then The Henry from York Athletics should be your top choice. These shoes are available in seven different colors, and you can go for the perfect fit as well.

These CrossFit shoes have a high responsive midsole and will provide your feet with proper support during those agile movements. Your feet will experience that natural feel on the ground, which will significantly improve your overall performance.

These shoes are great for running, HIIT and cross-training and they also look very fashionable.

Highly supportive and comfortable sole.

Very breathable construction to keep your feet sweat-free. Suitable for a range of different activities.

Lightweight construction makes the suitable for agile movements.

Not the best option for weightlifting.

Best Place to Buy

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How to find the best CrossFit Shoes?

Choosing the best CrossFit shoes out of overwhelming options can become very tough, especially if you don’t know what to look for. In this buying guide, we will assist you in determining what you need to look for when purchasing a CrossFit pair.

1. Versatility

This is a critical feature in any CrossFit design. CrossFit has many challenges that require proper support for lateral movements. Quick movement and lifting are two key features of versatility.

You need to know how much you will lift and how high you will climb. Your design needs to take all the pressure that you put on it through various activities.

2. Breathability

Another important feature is breathability. With all that activity, heat is going to happen no matter what. Therefore, your pair needs to keep your feet comfortable, and for that, breathability is a must.

The pressures of extra weight with high movements and friction will cause serious sweating, and your pair needs to take care of that with high breathability.

3. Size and fit

Best CrossFit shoes are always the ones that are the right fit. Your pair shouldn’t be too tight that you don’t feel comfortable in them. They shouldn’t be so loose that they will fall off. Your feet should get the space they deserve.

4. Comfort

Again, your CrossFit shoes need to be highly comfortable for you to wear. This is because you will be doing several activities like jumping, running, weight lifting, climbing, etc. If your feet are not feeling comfortable doing all this, there is no point in buying a CrossFit pair altogether.

5. Style

You might be thinking about the colors and the aesthetics of a CrossFit pair. But that is what we are not talking about here. Fit and comfort are also part of a style of a CrossFit pair.

Different feet have different curvatures, so that preferable styles will vary from one person to another. It is how a shoe feels on your foot. But you cannot ignore the looks completely.

If a pair looks good on you, you will feel more confident about yourself and improve your overall performance and efficiency.

6. Materials

The manufacturers very frequently use synthetic materials for the construction of these shoes. They are lightweight and resistant to abrasion. Many of the pairs will also feature mesh for extra breathability.

Some manufacturers also use leather, but such pairs need extra caution, and they are expensive too. Synthetic seems to be a preferable choice here because of all its features.

7. Value

Different CrossFit pairs come with different price tags because they vary in size, color, and brand. Quality and durability are the two most valuable aspects of what a pair has to offer.

8. Support

Each CrossFit pair has a blend of support and flexibility, but each pair will favor one. It is up to you which side you choose and the elements of CrossFit you are looking to work on.

If you want to support, then go for a structured shoe but if you don’t want too much weight on your feet, then go for the lightweight option.

Furthermore, if you are going to do weightlifting, you can go for extra support. If climbing and jumping are your preference, then go for a lightweight CrossFit shoe.

9. Design

CrossFit pairs are available in different designs. You can find anatomical designs, extra-wide designs, low-cut designs, and so much more. Every manufacturer experiments around and introduces different styles focusing on different aspects of your foot’s anatomy.

It is best that you wear a pair and then decide which design suits you the most and meets all your requirements.

10. Weight

Weight closely relates to the amount of support that you go for your CrossFit pair. If you are more into weightlifting, you will stand on your feet more, and for that, you will need extra support.

With extra support, your shoes will gain more weight due to that additional padding.

On the other hand, if you need a pair for jumping and climbing, you will need flexibility, and with less padding, the shoe will be less in weight. So everything boils down to what activities you will indulge in, and choose a pair accordingly.

11. Durability

CrossFit is all about intense workouts, and they are all hard on your feet and ultimately your shoes. Box jumps, rope climbs, and even handstand pushups will test the durability of your pair in different areas. Therefore, a CrossFit pair needs to be very durable to take the toll.

12. Budget

Different pairs come at different prices, and these prices depend largely on the brand, the size, and the materials used in the construction. You don’t need to go for a pair that breaks your wallet in half.

Just look for the right kind of stuff that meets all your needs and requirements. However, when looking for a good pair that stands the test of time, buying cheaper options will not serve you well over time.

Benefits of CrossFit Shoes

Here are some of the reasons why you need to pick specialty shoes for CrossFit activities.

1. Balance

These shoes provide you with a proper balance between your workouts. As opposed to CrossFit shoes, running shoes are designed for forwarding motion only. They are not great for jumping, weightlifting, or squats because they don’t offer enough balance as the CrossFit shoes do.

2. Heel to toe drop

The shoes for weightlifting have a shallow heel-to-toe drop. On the other hand, running shoes have a high drop. This is not a stable platform for weightlifting. You will need a flat pair for weightlifting, and hence a CrossFit pair will suit you better.

3. Ankle rolls

The rolling ankle injury frequently occurs with athletes. You can avoid this injury all together if you wear good quality CrossFit pair. These shoes will offer firm support.

4. Good Value

This is a no-brainer at this point because the CrossFit pairs seem to offer everything in one package. A CrossFit box membership ­does cost a fortune, and it is all going to be a waste of time if you don’t have proper gear at hand.

5. Shoe Weight

When you are climbing ropes or jumping boxes, a bulky shoe on your foot will not help the cause. CrossFit is so light that you won’t even notice them on your feet at all. A little extra weight can halt your performance and efficiency. In contrast, a CrossFit pair will help you to get over this issue.

6. Good for Health

CrossFit shoes are good for normal day wear as well. They are light and offer great balance. Apart from that, they will keep your feet properly supported. You can do a lot of activities using these shoes. So they will keep you on your fit and going as long as you want, providing you with great health benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my CrossFit shoe size?

These CrossFit shoes should fit your feet like all other shoes fit them. Ensure that the pair is not that tight to make you uncomfortable and shouldn’t lose your footing shifts during your movement. For most of the WODs, you won’t be running more than 1 mile. So, just determine whether you have high or low arches.

Do I need special shoes for CrossFit?

Though it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to have special shoes for CrossFit. It is a highly intense activity that needs careful attention towards form. These CrossFit shoes can make a huge difference to keep you safe from injuries and allow you to extract maximum benefits from your workouts.

Can I run with CrossFit shoes?

Running shoes are not the ideal pair for CrossFit because there is not much running involved here. Most of the WODs only involve short-distance running (usually under 1 mile). And not every WOD will feature running either.

Therefore, a running pair is not going to be very useful in CrossFit workouts other than running. So, if you are looking to run for short distances, CrossFit pairs will do the job for you, but this shouldn’t be frequent. Otherwise, you need to go for CrossFit shoes that can function for running as well.

Does CrossFit change your body?

Yes, CrossFit can change your body significantly. If you do CrossFit regularly and properly, your quads will get bigger. But it will heavily depend upon how much of the intramuscular fat you have burnt relative to the muscle you gained.

Your muscles’ overall shape will also alter. Your body will produce more energy from the cardio, and you will become mentally tougher.

Our Verdict

Overall, Metcon 2 by Nike is the best CrossFit shoes. It is available in 30 different color combinations, and you also get to choose from different sizes available. This pair features 1005 mesh, so breathability is not going to be an issue. The sole is made of synthetic material, and the shaft measures to be about 2.5 inches from the arch.

You can customize these shoes’ support aspects and add or subtract the padding according to your CrossFit requirements or personal preferences. You can do a range of different CrossFit workouts with them.

So which one of our best CrossFit shoes for 2021 did you like?  Did we miss your favorite CrossFit pair? If that is the case, let us know by leaving a comment below and sharing your thoughts!

**Last updated March 2021


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