Testogen Review – Great Product But Is It Worth It? [Updated 2021]


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Testogen is one of the most popular new-age testosterone boosters. Unlike many traditional products, it doesn’t have any steroids, reducing the risk of serious side effects.

But does Testogen live up to its promises? For the most part, it does. Testogen is a safe and effective alternative to steroid bases T boosters. It can help you quickly build muscle mass and lose fat.  Plus, there’s no risk that you’ll fail a drug test.

Testogen uses a blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals to give a boost to your body’s natural production of testosterone. It has large doses of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin D, all of which are crucial to regulating T levels in the body.

testogen website

Check out the website here: www.testogen.com

Without any banned substances, you won’t have to worry about dangerous side effects. Testogen is safe, causing only a few mild side effects, such as stomach pain and diarrhea.

How Does It Work?

Testogen testosterone booster supplements

Testogen doesn’t rely on steroids like DHEA to boost T levels. Instead, it uses a blend of herbs and vitamins to raise your body’s natural level of testosterone production.

The main active ingredient in Testogen is D-aspartic acid, an amino acid that plays a big role in regulating testosterone levels. It also packs a high dose of magnesium, a mineral that helps maintain testosterone levels.

Unlike testosterone replacement therapy, Testogen doesn’t directly add testosterone to your body. Instead, it helps your body make more testosterone the natural way.

The added testosterone gives your body the boost it needs to build muscle and burn fat. It also gives you more stamina in the gym so that you can push through your workouts.

Testogen has few notable side effects without steroids, making it safe for men of just about any age. Users’ only common side effects are mild stomach pain and bloating, which usually went away after a couple of days.

Since Testogen is all-natural, it can take a few weeks to show any benefits. Most users say they began to notice significant changes in muscle tone and mood within two weeks of taking the supplement.

Testogen Ingredients

Testogen ingredients

Check out Testogen ingredients here: www.testogen.com/how-it-works/

Testogen stays clear of any banned substances. That means it contains no steroids and is designed with a formula featuring herbs and vitamins.


Magnesium is often added to supplements that boost general health. It does a bit of everything, including regulating sex hormone production. It also plays a key role in ensuring that your body gets enough testosterone. As you age, magnesium levels tend to drop, so researchers believe it may play a crucial part in producing testosterone.

Testogen uses a version of magnesium that the body can easily absorb, so you get a bigger effect from each dose.

Panax Ginseng

Stress and testosterone are closely linked. When you get stressed out, your body produces high cortisol levels, which can interfere with testosterone production.

That’s why Testogen adds in a dose of Panax ginseng, an herb with calming properties. It can help reduce cortisol levels so that your body can continue to produce all of the testosterone it needs.


Bioperine does nothing to raise testosterone levels directly. Instead, its role is to facilitate nutrient absorption. It helps your body make the most of all the herbs and vitamins in Testogen.


Fenugreek has a reputation for doing a bit of everything. It’s an herb that is often included in supplements that burn fat, and it may also stimulate the production of testosterone. Also, fenugreek may help increase the activity of testosterone in the body.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-aspartic acid is found in just about every T boosting supplement you can find, and for a good reason. It regulates testosterone levels throughout the body, giving you a boost when you need it.

Testogen packs a big punch of D-aspartic acid, making it stand out from other supplements that also feature the molecule. This means you’ll get even more testosterone-boosting properties per dose.


Zinc is the backbone of many common T-boosting supplements. It’s one of the most important minerals for increasing testosterone levels throughout the body. It’s also one of the most studied testosterone-boosting minerals, so it has proven results and a great safety profile.

Testogen uses an easily absorbed form of zinc, which makes it more effective than many other types of the mineral.


Selenium is another mineral that plays a big role in the production of testosterone. It can increase T levels, as well as improve sperm quality.


Boron helps your body to absorb more vitamin D, which is important for keeping T levels up. It has also been shown to lower the activity of some of the enzymes that interfere with testosterone.

Like most T boosters, Testogen has high levels of zinc. When you consume zinc, your body needs copper to balance it out. If you are already taking a multivitamin or a supplement with added zinc, you should consume more copper to prevent a copper deficiency.

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Testogen Side Effects

Testogen is much safer than testosterone boosters that are steroid-based. Most users report few side effects with consistent use, although there may be a bit of stomach discomfort when you first start taking the supplement.

Here are some of the most common side effects reported by users:

  • Bloating
  • Headaches
  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Digestive issues
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea

In most cases, these symptoms go away as the body adjusts to Testogen. If you continue to have side effects, you should drop the dose to 2 capsules a day until your body gets used to the supplement.

If you have any serious preexisting health conditions, you should speak to your doctor before taking any T boosting supplements. Although Testogen is likely safe, there is a small chance that it could interact with certain medications, and it could potentially affect certain health conditions.

Where Can I Buy Testogen?

Testogen can be found at multiple third-party retailers. However, none of the TechnoGen products sold by these retailers are guaranteed by the manufacturer, so you never know what you’ll be getting.

The best place to get Testogen is to buy from the company directly. There will be no risk of getting a fake product, and you will usually get the best deal. You’ll also get a money-back guarantee should you have any issues and access to their customer service.

A one-month supply will cost you $60. You can save money by buying in bulk, with a five-month supply running $180. You’ll also get free shipping on your order if you live in the US.

Check out the Testogen deals here: www.testogen.com/order-now/

Usage And Dosage

The company that produces Testogen recommends that you take four capsules per day, preferably in the morning with food. It would be best if you also drank plenty of fluids throughout the day.

To see results, you’ll need to take Testogen daily. It can take a while to increase testosterone levels, with most users reporting a period of around two weeks before they began to see benefits.

You should take Testogen for at least two months to get the best results. The manufacturer recommends that you take a break for a few weeks after taking the supplement for two months.

Testogen: Pros And Cons


Improvements in strength
More stamina during workouts
Greater muscle tone and mass
Rapid fat burn
Positive effects on mood
Greater sex drive


Can take a few months to see results
Premium product


Does It Work?

Testosterone boosters often try to sell you with lofty claims and big promises. With Testogen, you don’t have to worry about being ripped off. This product works, giving you lasting gains in muscle mass, tone, and strength.

Users report that Testogen gave them more drive during their workouts and helped them shed fat and slim down. Many also reported more stamina in the bedroom, as well as increased libido.

testogen testimonials

Find out why you should use Testogen: www.testogen.com/why-testogen/

Like with any natural testosterone booster, you’ll have to take your time. Without steroids to pack a quick punch, it can take a while for Testogen to show results. Stick with the supplement and make sure to take it every day.

Although Testogen will work for most men with low T, there will be some cases where you may not see increased testosterone levels. That’s not a criticism of the product since no one size fits all solution for increasing testosterone.

Is It A Good Value For The Money?

When it comes to testosterone boosters, Testogen is one of the best values you’ll find. If you buy from the official website, you can get a five-month supply for $180, making it one of the most affordable options out there.

Testogen is designed with athletic performance in mind. That means it’s tailored for the needs of athletes, helping increase muscle mass and tone while improving stamina.

If you have low testosterone levels and are looking for a boost at the gym, Testogen will be well worth the money. But if you’re an athlete with healthy testosterone levels, it’s not the right kind of performance-boosting supplement for you.


How long does it take to get results from Testogen?

Testogen contains no steroids. Although this makes it much safer than many T boosting products, it also means that it can take a while to get results.

You’ll likely need to take Testogen for at least two weeks before you notice any changes in testosterone levels. It can take up to 2 months for Testogen to fully kick in.

Will Testogen increase libido?

In many cases, yes. Testogen is not designed to increase sex drive directly and is mainly used for athletic performance. Many users experience positive changes in their sex drive and report that they have improved stamina and better quality erections.

Higher levels of testosterone tend to increase libido, and they may also improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Will Testogen show up on a drug test?

No. Testogen does not use any steroids or other commonly banned substances. That means that it won’t show up on drug tests and is safe to use for most athletic competitions.

Some organizations do a test for testosterone levels. If you have low testosterone and take Testogen, your T levels will almost certainly stay within the acceptable range. However, if you already have high T levels, taking Testogen is not recommended.

What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

The most common symptoms of low T levels are fatigue, weakness, low sex drive, and mood changes. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should speak to your doctor.

Before taking Testogen, you should have your hormone levels checked. Several medical conditions can cause similar symptoms as low testosterone. If you take Testogen when your T levels are already at healthy levels, you won’t be addressing the root cause of your symptoms.

Should you take Testogen long-term?

Testogen works to increase your body’s natural production of testosterone. However, if you stop taking the supplement, your T levels may start to drop again.

If you want to keep your T levels high, you’ll need to take Testogen long-term.

That said, make sure you give your body an occasional break from the supplement. If you take it for periods longer than a few months, your body may stop producing as much testosterone on its own.

Who should take Testogen?

It is designed mainly for athletes and anyone looking to get an extra edge in the gym. That means younger people than most testosterone boosters often use it.

It is safe for men above the age of 18, provided that they have low testosterone levels. Although the product will likely be safe if you already have normal T levels, it will do little to improve athletic performance and won’t be worth the cost.

Can Testogen be taken alongside other supplements?

In most cases, yes. Testogen is a natural mix of herbs and minerals, so it has few interactions with other supplements or medications.

However, you should check the ingredients of any supplements and compare them to Testogen. If the supplement has similar ingredients, you might be getting too high of a dose of certain vitamins and minerals.

Our Verdict

Testogen promises to be one of the best safe alternatives to steroid testosterone boosters. For the most part, this product lives up to this promise.

It’s an effective natural T booster, giving you more strength and energy in the gym. It also has an excellent safety profile, so you don’t need to worry about any nasty long-term side effects.

Regular use of Testogen can get you those gains you’ve been chasing in the gym. It also helps your body shed excess fat, giving you a leaner look.

Testogen can also help you get your energy levels back and positively impact your mood. Increased testosterone will give your sex drive a boost, and it may help with certain ED cases.

The only downside of Testogen is that it seems to take a bit longer than other T boosters to get results. If you’re patient, you’ll see a range of health benefits within a few months of using the supplement.

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