Best Adjustable Dumbbells for 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


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With growing age, maintaining physical prowess becomes a lot more complicated. And this is where adjustable dumbbells come in to play their role.

You can perform your workout with different weights and build a strong core regardless of age.

Apart from that, adjustable dumbbells give you space-saving convenience, particularly for urban tenants who live in small apartments.

But which adjustable dumbbells to buy, the market has a plethora of options. We will assist you in making this decision. We have compiled the best adjustable dumbbells reviews for you.

What is an adjustable dumbbell?

An adjustable dumbbell is a single pair of dumbbells. We can make adjustments to their weight.

This means that we can either make it lighter or heavier according to our needs. Now you don’t need to own or work with different pairs of dumbbells. This single one will suffice!

The minimum and maximum weight and the weight increments are all dependent on what type of adjustable dumbbell you buy.

In addition to that, the adjustment mechanism also differs between different brands. So there are tons of choices here for you to explore.

Top 10 Best Adjustable Dumbbells

1) York Fitness Spinlock Dumbbell Set 

York Fitness Spinlock Dumbbell Set

Adjustable weight from 1 lb. to 5.5 lbs.
Heavy-duty spinlock provides secure training.
Best budget adjustable dumbbell.

York Fitness manufactures the best adjustable dumbbells, which come with standard 1-inch cast-iron plates and standard 1-inch dumbbell steel bars.

The manufacturer also uses premium quality chromed steel to construct it, making it more durable and reliable. The best thing is that it is adjustable from 0.5 kg to 2.5 kg. Now we can adjust the weight to our requirements.

It comes with four heavy-duty spinlocks that avoid the plates rattling. Furthermore, this safety feature is the main reason that we used these dumbbells for our training sessions.

Hence, this is the perfect option for strengthening and toning your lower and upper body.

We can purchase additional cast iron 1-inch plates to enhance our workout session. The adjustment is also effortless and simple that ensures comfort and protection simultaneously.

Strength training is the most effective way to trim down body fat, so we recommend using York Fitness dumbbells.

Weight of York Fitness dumbbell set is 20 kg.
Best way to reduce body fat and toning your body.
Well designed chrome knurling pattern offers a comfortable grip.
Spinlock provides a secure workout.
More durable due to good quality chrome steel.
Not for professional training due to limited weight range.

Best Place to Buy

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2) Bowflex SelectTech-552 Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

Adjustable weight from 2.5 lbs. to 25 lbs.
Come with a unique dial system.
Download the Bowflex SelectTech app for workouts.

Bowflex adjustable dumbbells come with durable metal plates, which offer a quieter and smooth lift-off workout. We can do plenty of heavy exercises such as lunges and shrugs and lighter like raises and curls.

Apart from this, we can adjust it from 2.5 lbs to 25 lbs with ease. We can use this best fitness equipment both at home and in the gym to tone our bodies.

The best feature of the Bowflex adjustable dumbbell is that it has a Bowflex SelectTech app. This app has a great range of workouts and builds our own custom workout. Furthermore, you can use this app on your smartphone for free and follow plenty of lead workouts for muscle toning.

These dumbbells are the combination of fifteen sets of weights in one. It is equipped with a unique dial system. We can select the weight as per our requirements with a turn of a dial.

Space efficient due to a combination of 15 sets in one.
Download a free app for following multiple workouts and challenges.
Perfect for lighter and heavy exercises.
Durable molding delivers a quieter and smooth workout.
Bigger than normal dumbbells.
A dial system is poorly constructed.

Best Place to Buy

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3) PowerBlock Dumbbells

PowerBlock Dumbbells

Adjustable weight from 5 lbs. to 70 lbs.
Available in plentiful styles and sizes.
Comes with 2 add-on kits.

The company uses the welded steel material to construct the PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells. You’ll get a powder coating finish that helps in a firm grip.

In addition to that, weight includes 5 to 50 lbs, 5 lbs to 70 lbs, and 5 lbs to 90 lbs. as a result, you can opt according to your workout plans. The appreciated feature is that your purchase comes with dual add-on kits.

A set of straight cylindrical grip has been placed within the padded handle. We can easily lift and pull according to our workout and training sessions. Moreover, side rails are the best property of the PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells. It means that you can easily identify the weight specification because the color bands communicate with a weight chart.

This dumbbell has a polypropylene magnetic pin that makes the weight change easily and quickly.

Dial lock makes it easy to adjust the weight.
Available in different weight ranges.
The well-padded handle provides comfort.
Side rails make the weight identification easy.
Magnet pin helps to change weight quickly.
Time-consuming and annoying to line up the weights.
Weights become warped after a time period.

Best Place to Buy

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4) CAP Barbell Dumbbell

CAP Barbell Dumbbell

Adjustable weight from 2.5 lbs. to 40 lbs.
Comes with additional safety features.
Durable construction.

If you are looking for more durable fitness equipment, we suggest you purchase the CAP Barbell Dumbbells. The manufacturer uses heavy-duty cast iron materials to prepare plates and finishes with semi-gloss that makes it maintenance and rust-free.

Your package will come with two handles, four 5 lbs plates, four 2.5 lbs plates, a plastic carrying case, and four collars. Additionally, solid steel materials are used to construct handles that provide an ergonomic and comfortable grip.

It also features rubber-trimmed collars that are threaded for fitting secure to handles.

This versatile and flexible dumbbell provides the ability to target a full-body workout. It helps to build muscles, boost balance, enhance energy levels, and much more.

Comes with enhanced gripping power.
Versatile and functional design.
A spin-lock collar enhances safety features.
Available in plenty of sizes.
Perfect for functional, full-body, HIIT, and other workouts.
You have to wear gloves for using this metal dumbbell.
Produces some irritating odor after a period.

Best Place to Buy

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5) PowerBlock Sport-24 Dumbbell

PowerBlock Dumbbells

Adjustable weight from 3 lbs. to 24 lbs.
Comes with a 15-year warranty.
More balanced and compact dumbbells.

PowerBlock Sport-24 dumbbells save your training room space. The smaller and compact size design of the dumbbells enhances control and balance. In addition to that, rubberized handles deliver a secure and comfortable grip.

You can adjust the weight according to your workout. The selector pin facilitates you to adjust weights according to your workout with ease.

We recommend you use it for strength training. This is because; these are more efficient as well as cost-effective for the training session.

The company gives you a limited 10-year warranty due to heavy-duty construction. Apart from the training session, you can also tone your upper and lower body, improve your posture, and increase energy levels.

The well-padded handle provides wrist protection.
Offers a limited 10-year warranty.
Easy to change weight with selector pin.
Compact and space-saving fitness equipment.
Does not absorb noise during a workout.
Cannot switch weight quickly.

Best Place to Buy

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6) Unipack Adjustable Dumbbells Ki

Unipack Adjustable Dumbbells Kit

Adjustable weight from 5 lbs. to 100 lbs.
Easy to configure without an additional tool.
Reliable collars and comfortable handles.

Unipack adjustable dumbbells kit is suitable for those who are getting a toned body with strength training. They required a room full of dumbbells, so it comes with a complete set of adjustable dumbbells. You can adjust the weight from 5 lbs. to 100 lbs.

This versatile and flexible kit is convenient, small, and easy to store for future use. This kit permits us to perform a wide range of lighter and heavier exercises with varying weights. The company uses sturdy cast iron material to construct it.

In addition to that, the chrome handles offer a comfortable grip so you can perform well during a training session.

There is no additional tool required for its installation and configuration. Plates are also securely fitted on the bar, so you can confidently use them throughout the circuit and another workout.

The well-padded handle provides wrist protection.
Comes in a compact size.
Easy to use and setup.
Heavy-duty construction makes it more durable.
Offers a wide range of weights.
Not a balanced dumbbell.
Heavyweight set of dumbbells.

Best Place to Buy

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7) TELK Adjustable Dumbbell 

TELK Adjustable Dumbbell

Adjustable weight from 5 lbs. to 32.5 lbs.
Corrosion proof and rust-free.
Star-lock collar increases safety.

TELK adjustable dumbbells have a baked enamel finish. This coating makes the dumbbells corrosion-proof and rust-free. It is your long-term investment as compared to other fitness equipment.

Furthermore, it comes with 16-inch textured chromed handles, which maximize grip comfort and control. The best thing is that the chromed handles also decrease your hand fatigue during workouts.

Apart from handles, the collars have also come with a star-lock that permits you to do lighter and heavier exercises securely. The adjustable weight limit is from 5 lbs to 32.5 lbs, and it means that these dumbbells are perfect for a total body workout.

Space efficient and easy to store.
Ideal for complete body workout.
Chrome handles increase grip control and comfort.
The versatile 10-inch connector makes the adjustment convenient.
A baked enamel finishes make it corrosion proof and rust-free.
Not a durable construction.
Screws are cheaply made.

Best Place to Buy

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8) Core Fitness Dumbbells

Core Fitness Dumbbells

Adjustable weight from 5 lbs. to 50 lbs.
Quickly switch the weight with one hand.
The contoured handle offers soft and secure control of grip.

Core Fitness dumbbells are the best space-saver fitness equipment for your pint-sized apartment. We recommend you because it is effortless to adjust the weight. The company uses the TwistLock technology that permits you to switch the weight with one hand.

Additionally, the contoured and textured handle offers you a secure and comfortable gripping control. Hence, you can exercise with ease for a longer time. It also comes with a compact design that allows you to use it and store it anywhere you want.

The best thing is that your purchase comes with a limited 2-year parts warranty. Therefore, you can confidently use it for training exercises, circuit workouts, and plenty of other workouts for toning your body.

Last but not least, these are the best tool to burn calories and helps to reduce body fat.

The compact design makes it perfect for commercial and personal use.
Easy to switch weight due to TwistLock technology.
Comes with a limited 2-year parts warranty.
The contoured and textured handle offers a comfortable and secure gripping.
Stuck in the cradle with 50 lbs. weight.
Not reliable because it cracked after falling down the floor.

Best Place to Buy

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9) TNP Accessories TriGrip Dumbbell Set


Adjustable weight from 2.5 lbs. to 11 lbs.
Plastic exterior absorbs extra noise.
It offers a comfortable grip.

The company uses high-quality vinyl material to make the TNP Accessories TriGrip dumbbell set. This makes it more reliable, secure, and comfortable as compared to other dumbbells. Moreover, it comes with a TriGrip plate that easily fits standard weight bars.

The combination of black and red color gives it a trendy and stylish look. This TriGrip set of dumbbells are perfect for toning your upper and lower body. Furthermore, it helps to reduce your body fat as well as helps to burn calories.

It has been filled with compact cement. Vinyl has been used to make its impact and scratch-resistant. We can use it on any floor without any worries.

You can use TriGrip adjustable dumbbells for both domestic and commercial use.

The exterior of the TNP Accessories set of dumbbells is made with plastic that absorbs the excess noise. It also features with non-slip grip bar that provides comfort during your workout.

Thus, this secure dumbbell is the best for training sessions, aerobic workouts, and more.

Covered with floor-friendly plastic material.
Available in four sizes.
Superior quality chrome finish collars and bar.
Ideal for both domestic and commercial use.
Non-slippery solid grip bar offers comfort during exercise.
Lack of security due to a poorly constructed spinlock.

Best Place to Buy

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10) Powerhouse Fitness BodyMax Dumbbell

Powerhouse Fitness BodyMax Dumbbell

Adjustable weight from 4 lbs. to 79 lbs.
Coated with scratch-resistant material.
Comes with a heavy-duty storage tray.

Powerhouse Fitness is a market-leading company. One of their best products is the BodyMax adjustable dumbbell that weighs about 36kg.

What makes it the best adjustable dumbbell is its 18 variations. We can effortlessly adjust the weight from 4 lbs. to 79 lbs. Furthermore, it features safety locks with rapid adjustments so we can enjoy our workout securely.

The company has ergonomically designed its handle that provides a comfortable grip throughout the workout. Apart from this, the locking system is built with a combination of fiberglass and nylon components, making it extremely resilient.

We’re using the Powerhouse Fitness BodyMax dumbbells for resistance workout training and getting effective results.  It helps to improve bone density, develop a good posture, enhances muscular tone, and improved power, endurance, and muscular strength.

Best space-saving dumbbells due to the storage tray.
Equipped with the patented mechanism of adjustments.
Offers 18 variations with safety lock.
Ergonomic handle enhances grip and comfort.
Best way to improve power, good posture, toning muscles, and strength.
Heavyweight dumbbells for beginners

Best Place to Buy

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Why Choose Adjustable Dumbbells Instead of Traditional Ones?

The question that bothers most people is why get adjustable dumbbells when you have the traditional ones.

Well, any person who has been to the public gym has seen those long racks of dumbbells in different shapes, weights, and sizes. In such a scenario, it makes sense to have those traditional dumbbells. You can pick the dumbbell that you want to use and do not have to make any plate adjustments.

But when talking about a private setting like a home gym or a rec room, adjustable dumbbells proves to be a lot more practical solution. This is because these adjustable dumbbells are not going to take any space, and they will have a full set of weights as well.

Adjustable dumbbells are essentially a 1-size-fits-all solution. It means you can increase/decrease weight on just a single bar with relative convenience and ease. This is exactly the scenario when we talk about the value they deliver. The adjustable dumbbells are essentially a 1-and-done investment.

With traditional dumbbells, you will need to buy a new pair each time you want to increase the weight for your workout.

The adjustable models are compact, and you can easily take them with you on your vacation. These accommodating dumbbells allow you to do your entire workout on a bench in a public park.

These dumbbells are made of plastic or aluminum. This means that they won’t bang anywhere like most of the gym equipment does.

3 Effective Exercises You Can Do with Adjustable Dumbbells

Of course, there are so many workouts that you can do with these adjustable dumbbells. But in this section, we will mention three of the most effective exercises that you can do with these adjustable dumbbells.

1) Bicep curls 

The most popular exercise that people do with these adjustable dumbbells is bicep curls. In this exercise, the resting potions need that you stand straight up and hold your dumbbell right next to your waist. Now slowly start to curl or raise one of your arms until it is fully folded.

Make sure that the dumbbell touches your shoulder. Hold your position there, and then lower the dumbbell until your armrests on your side. You can do this while standing or sitting and can also do it with one arm at a time. You can also do the reps with both your arms simultaneously.

2) Bench presses

Another popular exercise that you can do with these dumbbells is the bench press, also known as the chest press. The resting position in this exercise is that you lie flat on a bench on your back and take dumbbells in both your hands.

You will be running both your arms parallel to your chest. Now slowly push both the bars up until your arms stretch vertically. Pause and then repeat this arm movement several times.

3) Lateral raises

After being fully comfortable with the bench press and bicep curls, you might start working on the third exercise, a lateral raise. Lateral or lat raises are done by standing or sitting, and your feet need to be hip-length apart.

Now you must clutch dumbbells in both your hands and then start spreading or swinging both your arms until they both run parallel to your shoulders. It’s just like a bird spreading the winds.

Stand with your arm extended to full length. Slowly bring them in until the weights come to rest right in front of your waist.

How to Find the Best Adjustable Dumbbells

It would be best to keep in mind various aspects before buying the best adjustable dumbbells for your rec room. We have mentioned each of these points in the below section for your convenience. Please read them carefully to make the right purchase decision for your home gym.

1. Weight Levels/Range

Weight is the biggest advantage that these adjustable dumbbells have. You will have one bar to work with and can alter the weight according to your requirements. This will allow you to have an entire rack of weights of those fixed dumbbells. The adjustable dumbbells prove to be a smart solution if you have limited space.

Different adjustable dumbbells come with different weights. Therefore, choosing the right weights will depend upon your fitness level. If you are starting with your workouts, then you need to go with the lighter setting.

On the other hand, with more experience, you need to go for a heavier setting. The weights available on these dumbbells range between 20 lbs and 70 lbs. you can go for more if you are a fitness freak.

2. Design/Ease of adjustment

Most of the adjustable dumbbells have a similar design and construction. You can easily remove or add weight according to your needs and locking the weights on the central bar.

Any weights that you are not using will rest on the holder or stand. Different dumbbells differ in weight attachment systems, but the main concept is the same in all.

Some of them have click-attach systems, while others have more traditional grooved handles with detachable or screw-on plates with clogs. These clogs are there to prevent the weights from losing.

The heavier adjustable dumbbells feature more modern locking systems, but these systems also make some workouts a bit more awkward and complicated.

3. Grip/Feel

There are different grip styles that you can choose from as well. These grips correlate with the overall design and construction of the dumbbells. But these grips still vary from one another across different models. The rounded head models feature rubber handles that are smooth and easy to grip.

However, they tend to grip slippery if you sweat a lot during your exercise. The rectangular heads also have rubber grips, but you will have to compromise on freedom of movement here.

The screw-on models have steel grips with knurling for an anti-slip grip. However, this grip can cause calluses on your hands.

4. Maneuverability

You also need to look for ease in maneuverability, especially if you are new to this game. You don’t need to pull your muscles while doing your workouts in awkward positions.

The traditional design of adjustable dumbbells is much better in maneuverability than the new ones. The new ones are more suitable for those who have plenty of experience with their workouts.

5. Storage Space

There is a bit of a give and take here. If you are looking for more weights in your adjustable dumbbells, then, of course, the dumbbell will have a larger stand to hold all those weights in one place.

The one with fewer weights will be a lot more compact in size, and it will be easier for you to store almost anywhere. So it’s all up to you which one do you want to choose for your fitness regime.

6. Sturdiness

The amount of plastic used in the construction of modern-day adjustable dumbbells has increased quite significantly. Therefore, you should not drop these dumbbells from a significant height, ranging from 6 to 12 inches.

The plastic that surrounds the weight plates is delicate, and if it falls with the impact of weight behind it on the floor, it will break for sure, no matter how low you drop it. Therefore, these dumbbells are not very sturdy, and you have to be very careful when using them.

7. Material used

As we have mentioned just now that the amount of plastic in these dumbbells has increased, you have to use them with caution. But you can also buy adjustable dumbbells made of iron as well. Obviously, these weights are going to be a lot sturdier than plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Adjustable Dumbbells Good for both Men and Women?

A simple and short answer to this question is yes! Adjustable dumbbells are good for both men and women of different age groups.

Studies have shown that strength training is effective not only for men but for women as well. It allows them both to keep their weight and body shape in control. This fitness routine not only keeps you physically and mentally fit but also adds years to your life.

What weight of Dumbbells should I use?

Being a woman, if you are a starter and want to lift for increasing muscle mass, then you can go for the weights that range between 5 and 8 pounds. Male can begin with weights ranging between 8 and 10 pounds. You can build up to fifteen reps for lightweights.

Are Dumbbells better than Barbells?

If you compare dumbbells with barbells, dumbbells are better because they provide you with a greater range of movements and motions to move your arms easily. For example, if you do bench press with barbells, you won’t have enough ease of motion compared to the dumbbells.

Therefore, you should use dumbbells. Muscles are more activated if you use dumbbells instead of barbells.

Can Dumbbells Build Muscle?

You can use dumbbells to build plenty of mass of lean muscle. The good thing is that these dumbbells don’t need to be very heavy either.

You can easily build muscles with medium or lightweight dumbbells. It allows you to gain muscle without going to the gym or having to spend hours on your workouts.

Our Verdict

The winner of our roundup of best adjustable dumbbells for 2019 is the Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbell Set from York Fitness. This core home fitness adjustable dumbbell set comes with standard 1-inch plates made of cast iron along with the 1-inch bar.

This set is perfect for building lean muscle and toning your body right in the convenience of your home. You can use it to arrange different workouts covering a wider range of muscle groups.

So which one of these have you used for your fitness regime? Did we miss out on your favorite dumbbell set? Just let us know by leaving a comment in the section given below!

**Last updated March 2021


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