Best Barbell Collars for CrossFit – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide [Updated 2021]

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This guide examines the best barbell collars currently on the market, so you don’t have to. However, before we delve in further, let’s have a quick rundown of what they are and the different types.

What are Barbell Collars?

Barbell collars are crucial to safe and effective weightlifting. Barbell collars are small cylindrical clamps that you attach to barbells or dumbbells to secure weight discs.

Essentially, the collars prevent weights from falling off the barbell, which may also be called barbell sleeves.

Barbell collars are also known to help distribute the weight on a barbell by holding the weights in the same place on either side of the barbell sleeve.

These collars are attached to the outer side of the disks on the barbell, and sometimes they are placed on the inside of the bumper plate.

By holding the weights in place, barbell collars can help weightlifters retain their balance, use good posture, and minimize weightlifting-related injuries.

How Do You Use Barbell Collars?

There are several different kinds of collars that you could use while weightlifting.

The most popular ones are the spring clip (clamp) collars and snap-lock collars. Both are used to hold weight plates in place, but they look slightly different and are placed on the barbell differently.

Spring-type Clip Collars

Spring-type clip collars are the more popular kind of barbell collars. One type of spring collar has two larger handles that squeeze to open and close a circle attached at the end of the handles.

These are easy to spot in most gyms because they look like clamps. These can be slightly more difficult to put on the barbell, and you may need two hands to slide it on and off.

Snap-lock Collars

The snap-lock collars look different from the spring-type because they do not have handles. Instead, they look like a small ring with a tab that locks on the top by a snap. These collars can be placed with one hand.

The type of barbell collar you use depends on your strength, the lifting you will be doing, and the design of the barbell that you are using.

How to Put on Barbell Collars

How you put on a barbell collar depends on the kind of collar you have. It is best to research the collar you buy and learn how to correctly put it on your barbell.

Spring-type Clamp Collars

barbell clamp

Spring-type clamp collars slide onto the barbell. The two handles of the collar are angled in one direction. As you put the collar on the barbell, angle the handles away from the weights (or bumper plates).

This will make it easier to remove later. The circle of the clamp should be squared to the bumper plate.

Snap-lock Collars

Snap Lock Collars

The snap-lock collars are perhaps the easiest to put on your barbell. You slide on the ring and push down the lock mechanism on the top. When you are done, unsnap the mechanism and slide the ring off the barbell.

Pressure Collars

Pressure Collars

Pressure collars work similar to the snap-lock collars, but instead of a tab to push, the pressure collars require you to tighten two wing nuts on a metal rod manually.

This kind of collar is more difficult to place on the barbell, but it is also perhaps the most secure of the barbell collars.

Spin-lock Collars

Spin Lock Collars

Spin-lock collars are two-layered collars that work on threaded barbells. To attach these collars, you must unscrew two metal layers from each other and then slide them on the barbell. Then the two layers must be tightened together. The two layers essentially spin together to lock into place.

These are great collars, but they require larger amounts of strength to tighten securely. At the very least, collars are placed.

The Best Barbell Collars for CrossFit

1) Greententljs 1-Inch Barbell Clamps 

Greententljs 1-Inch Barbell Clamps

  • Offer 1 and 2-inch versions of the clamp
  • Offer a variety of collars.
  • Reinforced ABS plastic body
  • A quick-release locking mechanism
  • Several color options

This is a standard quick-release locking barbell that is very easy to use and is commonly purchased by CrossFitters and weightlifters in the gym.

The reinforced ABS plastic offers rigidity and heat resistance, so friction will not melt it, and it is harder to break.

The quick-release locking mechanism makes it easy to put on and remove within seconds. That means you can switch out your weights in a flash.

It would be best if you merely pressed down the clasp, and the collar is in place. The ease makes it great for lifts, overhead presses, bench presses, or deadlifts.

These clamps are great for someone who does not lift heavier amounts of weight, as the materials are not designed for more than 40-50 pounds.

Easy to put on and take off
 No manual tightening
Change weights quickly

Not secure
 Not as durable

Best Place to Buy

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2) Iron Bull Strength Collar 

Iron Bull Strength Collar

  • Fast Locking Mechanism
  • Aluminum material
  • It fits 50mm Olympic bars
  • Rubber lining to stay on the bar and protect it
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Four colors

The aluminum collar offered by Iron Bull Strength is made of strong aluminum, which will wear better and last longer than nylon or plastic collars.

They are designed to withstand heavy and frequent drops, keeping your weights in place without breaking. This barbell collar fits a 50mm Olympic bar.

The rubber lining grips the bar, keeping your weight plates in place while simultaneously remaining gentle on your bars or sleeves.

These are great for competition and intense strength training or conditioning. The Iron Bull Strength Collar also has a quick-release locking mechanism, allowing you to switch between weight plates quickly and easily.

The lock has a snap-latch that the press of a finger can easily set.

With the aluminum material and the locking mechanism, this pair of collars are great for CrossFit athletes to frequently change their weight plates. They offer durability, and they offer ease of use.

  Easy to use
Great for competition

Confusing lever
Expensive model

Best Place to Buy

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3) Iron Lab’s Olympic Barbell Collars  

Iron Lab’s Olympic Barbell Collars

  • High-strength nylon material
  • 2” in diameter
  • Warranty
  • Three color options

Iron Lab’s Olympic barbell collars were designed and created with safety and use in mind.

The high-strength nylon collars are made from a high-process process that makes them durable. Iron Lab’s collars also include high-pressure grips, and they are designed to fix weights in place, making your lifting balanced.

At 2” in diameter, these collars are great for Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, and other condition.

  High-pressure grip pads
Easy to use

Fragile clip
Resistance decreases during use

Best Place to Buy

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4) Greententljs’ Olympic 2-Inch Quick Release Collars 

Greententljs’ Olympic 2 Inch Quick Release Collars

  • Nylon, rubber, and steel
  • 2-inch diameter
  • Quick release lock
  • More than 10 colors to choose

The Greententljs Olympic 2-Inch Collars offer a combination of nylon, steel, and rubber in these collars.

The 2-inch diameter bar makes this collar perfect for CrossFit athletes and lifters. The snap-latch is easy to use and can be put into place and locked with a single hand.

The locking mechanism also works for your safety and ease. The spring-powered mechanism keeps weight plates in their place. The design itself strives for comfort and safety.

The corner design does not make your hand hurt or require tight gripping to place it on the bar or remove it.

Easy to use
Snap-latch mechanism
Good for CrossFit lifts

Not for long-lasting use
Not for heavier weights
Cannot be adjusted

Best Place to Buy

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5) CAP Barbell’s 2-Inch Spring Collars 

CAP Barbell’s 2 Inch Spring Collars

  • Olympic version
  • 1.06 pounds
  • Spring tension locking mechanism
  • Stainless steel, chrome-plated
  • 2-inch bar size
  • Black gripping handles

CAP Barbell’s Olympic Spring Clip Collars offer a chrome-plated spring clip that is as easy to take off as it is to put on the barbell.

The spring tension will keep your weight plates in place and help you retain balance as you lift. CAP Barbell’s spring collars also are designed with black easy-to-grip handles, helping you keep a firm grip as you slide the spring collar on and off your barbell.

This barbell is known for its durability and strength.

Durable material
Easy to grip handles
Works with most barbells

 Does not fit a threaded bar
 Difficult to open at first

Best Place to Buy

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6) IADU’s Olympic Standard Barbell Collars (1 inch)

IADU’s Olympic Standard Barbell Collars

  • It offers several color options
  • It fits standard 1” bars
  • Rubber padding to keep the collar in place
  • High-strength nylon and reinforced plastic
  • High-pressure grip pads
  • Fast locking mechanism

IADU’s Olympic Standard Barbell Collars offer a durable, high-strength nylon body with reinforced plastic.

These collars additionally offer pressure pads that offer durability for CrossFit athletes, weightlifters, and trainers. The mechanism offers a fast locking release action, making these collars quick to put on and take off your barbell.

They are lightweight so that you can carry them in your bag or hands. The weight and ease make this a great option for a CrossFit athlete who is constantly on the go, and it is great for a weightlifter or trainer that is constantly changing or shifting weights.

For new athletes
Great for lighter weights
Easy to use lock

Not long-lasting

Best Place to Buy

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7) MESHA Heavy Duty Olympic Lock-Jaw Barbell Collars 

MESHA Heavy Duty Olympic Lock Jaw Barbell Collars

  • It fits 2” Olympic barbell sleeves
  • Two rubber pads to hold in place
  • Heavy-duty plastic

The MESHA Lock-Jaw Barbell Collars immediately look sleek with a black design meant to offer safety and effectiveness.

These barbell collars are crafted with heavy-duty plastic, allowing them to be relatively inexpensive. The mechanism itself is a secure, quick-release snap mechanism.

This mechanism allows you to handle the collar quickly, which is great if you often need to change your weights. The snap will also secure your weights in place without the worry of having them shift.

The two rubber pads will also create a better grip between the mechanism and the bar, further securing your weights and giving you a hassle-free workout.

These collars are great for those who more professional CrossFit athletes and athletes who undergo more strenuous training.

Rubber creates a firm grip
Simple to use

Not suitable for large weights
Not long-term collar

Best Place to Buy

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8) Lock-Jaw’s HEX Olympic Barbell Collar 

Lock Jaw’s HEX Olympic Barbell Collar

  • Several color options
  • Large gripping surface
  • Patented quick-locking latch
  • Fits 50mm bars

Lock-Jaw’s HEX barbell collar is known for a quick-locking latch that Lock-Jaw has patented.

The collar has a large gripping surface area, so the collars stay in place and therefore hold your weight plates securely in their place. It lauds the compound construction that makes it lightweight, easy to handle, and durable.

It fits 50mm (2”) bars, and it is great for those who are using serious lifting power. Those who are looking to train in powerlifting or CrossFit weightlifting are recommended to use this collar.

These collars are suggested for commercial gyms and university gyms, which means they will work for your personal use.

Mid-priced set of collars
 Durable compound material
Good for an “everyday” lifter
Lightweight and easy to carry

 Not suitable for heavy lifting

Best Place to Buy

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When to Use Barbell Collars?

Barbells can be used any time you lift or use a weighted barbell. Barbell collars make lifting weights safer for you and those around you.

Many athletes use a barbell collar in CrossFit when doing squats, deadlifts, rows, and overhead presses.

How and when you use a barbell collar is also up to your preferences. Some individuals in CrossFit do not like barbell collars, but others will not lift any weights without them.

It is up to you to figure out if they work for you and your workout.

Tips for Buying a Barbell Collar

When looking for a barbell collar, you want to consider what kind of exercise you are doing, how much, and at what weight.

Generally, you want your barbell collar to match its function and use. Therefore, think about the material you want, the design you can work with, and the amount of weight you want it to hold (capacity).


If you are a casual weightlifter, you could look into the barbell collars made of hardened nylon and hardened plastics.

These are great for lighter weight loads, and they are durable enough to withstand repeated usage. Therefore, the nylon and plastic collars would work for you: these barbell collars are relatively inexpensive and will last a long time for the little amount of money put into them.

For those lifting higher amounts of weight (300+ pounds), a metal barbell collar would be a better option. The aluminum options may cost slightly more than the ABS plastics or nylons, but they will last longer when paired with the larger amount of weight being lifted.

More importantly, the metal barbell collars will do a better job of holding larger and heavier plates in place. This is essential to lifting weights safely, and this is what your barbell collar should be doing—keeping the weight plates in their place on either side of the barbell.


You should also think about the kind of barbell collar that will work with you and your training. The clamps function differently than the snap-lock barbell collars.

Generally, the clamps (like CAP Barbell’s 2-Inch Spring Collars) require more strength to open and place on the barbell.

If you are a casual lifter, placing this collar on the barbell sleeve may be difficult. In this instance, a snap-lock would be an easy option because it does not require as much strength to place it on the barbell sleeve.

You may also consider the speed at which you are changing your weights. For those who want to change their weights often and quickly, a spring collar would not be a good option.

Spring collars take more time to remove from the barbell. This kind of collar would slow down your workout, inevitably frustrating you and possibly leading to unsafe practices.

For those looking to change between weights quickly, a snap-lock barbell collar is the better option. It slides on and off the barbell sleeve in seconds, and it secures your weights into place instantly.

Choosing the Best Barbell Collar

To get the best barbell collars for the best value, compare your needs to the functions of the barbell collars on the market.

CAP’s barbell spring collars offer durability and dynamic usage for those looking at an overall best quality barbell collar.

They are reasonably priced, and while it may take slightly longer to put them on your barbell, their quality and durability are worth the few extra seconds.

However, for those looking for a quick snap-lock mechanism, the many collars listed above are great options to consider.

Always remember to choose a collar that matches your workout regime and needs. In doing so, you will maximize your training while remaining safe in the gym.

*Last updated April 2021


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