Best Exercise Bikes for 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


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Don’t let the pandemic or bad weather take away your fitness passion from you. With the best exercise bike, you can spin your way to better fitness without leaving the comfort of your room.

Indoor cycling is a great way to keep testing your glutes and quads. These bikes are very simple to use and easy to store.

Choosing the right one that meets all your fitness goals is necessary, or you won’t be satisfied with your purchase. Therefore, we have compiled the best exercise bike reviews to help you make an informed decision.

What Are Exercise Bikes?

An exercise bike, also known as a stationary bike, mimics the operation of a regular bicycle but has a design that will allow you to stay in one place. There are two pedals, a saddle, as well as some kind of handlebar arranged on this bike.

There are various benefits to this Exercycle.

With a stationary bicycle, you don’t need to be outdoors. Just start riding whenever you want. The temperature of your surroundings will always be perfect for you to ride.

These bikes are great for low impact workouts and are excellent for any fitness level as well.

Weight loss fanatics will find it a very useful piece of equipment, and it is a top choice for cardiovascular improvements. It is not much you have to do when it comes to maintenance as well.

And you can place them wherever you want in your home, watch television or listen to music while gazing upon your favourite views through the windows.

You can use the compact version of these bikes under the table and can use them while sitting on a chair and doing something on your desk.

Top 10 Best Exercise Bikes currently on the market for 2021

Marcy Recumbent Bike


Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

Do you want to shape, tone, and firm your physique and enhance cardiovascular endurance? Well, Mercy is one of the best brands that are manufacturing the best exercise bikes that help to lose weight and burn calories.

Living in a compact apartment? No problem. It is the best space-saver exercise bike that comes with a compact design to fit in any small space.

It has an adjustable seat, so you can adjust it according to your leg’s length for your comfort.

Want to keep a check on the calorie count?

It is equipped with an LCD that shows odometer, calories, distance, speed, and time. Thus, it helps to track your exercise metrics. You can also use a resistance knob that is placed under its handlebars as your workout requirements.

The recumbent bike is excellent when we talk about the overall comfort level. If you have been dealing with some physical injury involving your back, starting your workout with this bike will be beneficial for you.

However, you need to keep in mind that the pedal straps are not very big. You can place your feet in with your sneakers on. Apart from that, when the resistance level is at the peak, the machine starts to produce sound.

Seat padding and handlebars make it comfortable.
Pedals come with a safety strap.
Comes with an LCD that displays your workout metrics for keeping you healthy.
Offers eight levels of resistance for a customized workout.
Equipped with wheels for easy transportation.

Produces a little bit of noise on the highest resistance setting.

Best place to buy

Sunny Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Are you overweight, looking to burn the calories around the waistline?

Sunny is manufacturing this indoor cycling machine by using a premium quality steel frame. This frame can support more than 275 lbs user’s weight, so you can perform plenty of cycle-based exercises.

Don’t want to disturb your roommates while doing a workout? A belt-drive mechanism makes it quiet and maintenance-free.

It is equipped with heavy-duty wheels, so you can easily move it. It has a chrome 40 lbs flywheel, which provides outstanding riding momentum and stability. You can also adjust its resistance level according to your workout by using a resistance knob.

Plus, the handlebar and seat are fully adjustable that makes it suitable for all of you. The best feature is that it comes with a push stop handle for stopping the wheel in case of an emergency.

Want to take your fitness to the next level? It is a good quality bike that allows you to stay fit while being in the comfort of your home.

The bike is designed for professional athletes, and it is all about getting the job done. No matter what your target is, with this bike, if you remain consistent enough, you will achieve your goals in no time.

Comes with a 40 lbs flywheel that delivers a smoother ride.
The seat height is fully adjustable.
The handlebar comes with multiple grips.
Adjustment of resistance level for an intense workout.
Pedals are featured with an adjustable strap.
Featuring an emergency stop brake, bottle holder, and floor stabilizers.

Cannot adjust its handlebar horizontally.

Best place to buy

DeskCycle Pedal Exerciser

DeskCycle Under Desk Cycle,Pedal Exerciser

Don’t have time to leave the office for a workout? Don’t worry! Try the DeskCycle exercise bike out.

You can keep yourself healthy while sitting for a longer period in the office or home with the DeskCycle exerciser. It is the best portable and high-quality equipment that you can use under the desk.

It helps to improve your energy level, productivity, burn calories, and health. The best thing is that it is quiet equipment for exercise in your office that won’t disturb co-workers.

It comes with an easy to read display that shows more than 16 hours of activity. It is also featuring the high-inertia flywheel that makes the pedal movement smoother.

Another good thing is that you can also adjust its resistance level to eight for a custom workout. Pedals are equipped with comfortable wide straps that provide stability during exercise. You can also use its web and iPhone app for tracking your daily activities.

Looking for a compact and portable bike?

The design of this bike allows you to place it under your desk. Similarly, you can comfortably use it even while sitting on your chair. Any time is workout time for you if you use this exercise bike.

Adjust its resistance level for a custom workout.
Use the web or iPhone app for recording your daily activities.
Highly portable under desk equipment for home or office use.
Adjustment of resistance level for an intense workout.
Comes with an improved display that shows your activity logs.
Both legs have four pads for protecting your floor.

The plastic of the resistance dial is flimsy.
Doesn’t have an app for Android users.

Best place to buy

BulbHead 2-in-1 Slim Cycle

BulbHead As Seen On TV Slim Cycle 2-in-1 Stationary Bike

Searching the best exercise bikes for both lower and upper body workouts? Here, we suggest the BulbHead Slim Cycle that is the best 2-in-1 stationary bicycle. So, you can perform cardio and arm strengthening at the same time and get results earlier.

You can use it as a recumbent bike for a lower body workout. Plus, you can transform it into an upright stationary bicycle for cardio exercises.

It has an inbuilt resistance band for toning your arms while pedalling. It is the best for strength training as well as you can perform plenty of other workouts with ease. A digital display also shows your burn calories, miles, speed, and distance for keeping you healthy.

It also reads your heart rate accurately during a workout. You can fold with ease after completing your workout by storing it under the bed or in a closet.

Again the purpose of this bike is to provide you with the convenience of a foldable design. If you don’t have much space, you won’t have to compromise on your home work out. And there are not many foldable designs available that come with arm training bands as well.

The 2-in-1 Slim Cycle is ideal for strength training.
Equipped with a digital display for tracking.
Comes with the foldable design.
Up to 8 adjustable resistance levels.
The seat is padded with superior memory foam.

Doesn’t provide great support to your back while workout.
The display comes with a low backlight, so tough to read metrics.

Best place to buy

NordicTrack Exercise Bike

NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle

The best feature of the Nordic Track exercise bike is that it comes with an interactive 22-inch touch screen display. So, you can stream plenty of iFit workouts instantly, because your purchase includes iFit 1-year membership.

The display shows your workout metrics. You can also rotate the screen 360-degree according to your requirements.

Want to have an intense workout?

This bike comes with 24 levels of resistance. Therefore, it is ideal for a wide range of intense and regular workouts. The silent SMP magnetic resistance offers a quiet and smooth workout. You can increase and decrease different resistance levels at your convenience.

It is truly a top-class exercise bike with a commercial level construction quality. It is one of the very best in terms of quality materials and durability. The max weight capacity of this bike here is about 350 lbs.

With the iFit membership, you will be able to get to your goals in a better way. If you are looking to train yourself for endurance, then this is the right bike for you. The build quality is superb, and you won’t have to worry about repairs and replacement as often either.

Your purchase involves iFit 1-Year membership.
Equipped with a 22-inch touch screen display.
Offers 24 levels of resistance for custom workout options.
Quiet and smoother exercise bike.
Available in two display sizes and styles.

Assembling is a little bit tricky and time taking due to connecting wires.

Best place to buy

Sunny Recumbent Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike

The recumbent bike from Sunny Fitness & Health is highly comfortable to use. You can carry on with your workout as long as you want. The bike has a weight capacity of 350 lbs and is an excellent option for CrossFit training.

The bike also comes with inbuilt arm trainers, and you can comfortably monitor your heart rate during your workout. The handlebars are comfortable to move with both your arms and legs in a workout. You will be able to intensify your overall exercise and will achieve your goals.

You can challenge your fitness by switching between eight different levels of resistance. The type of resistance is magnetic, so the results will be superb. This challenging workout will make sure that you remain aligned with your goals and can increase the activity level as well.

The seat of this bike is oversized and will ensure that you remain comfortable throughout your session. The pedals of this machine are anti-slip in nature.

Your feet will remain stable while you make an effort and increase your speed. These pedals have adjustable straps, and users of any foot size can use them comfortably.

Anti-slip pedals with adjustable straps.
Large and comfortable seat.
Eight different resistance levels.
Heart rate sensor.
Arm training handlebars.

The resistance levels are not too distinctive from each other.

Best place to buy

Stamina Exercise Bike

Stamina Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Exercise Bike

Stamina bike is one of the best exercise bikes that come with a walk-through design. The design makes it convenient to get off and on the bike.

Feeling uncomfortable? Don’t worry. You can adjust the distance of the seat and initiate pedalling. It features a moulded and padded seat, handlebars, and backrest, which enhances comfort. Thus, you can use it for a longer time to achieve your goal.

The textured pedals of the Stamina deliver stability during workout. It is equipped with a multifunctional monitor screen that tracks your workout metrics. Those metrics include pulse, calories, distance, speed, and time. It comes with modern and stylish black and grey colours that also enhance your room interior.

Another good thing is that it has inbuilt six fitness programs, plus a pacing guide about pedalling. Therefore, you can use those inbuilt exercise programs for an effective workout. You will also feel a supportive sitting because it has a well-padded backrest and seat.

It has a magnetic resistance dial that comes with eight levels, so you can customize the dial according to the intensity of your workout. The handlebars are also featuring the sensor that tracks your heart rate as you work out. The pedals come with a textured pattern that keeps your feet stable during a workout.

Pre-set six programs.
Walk-through design.
Heart rate sensor monitor.
Adjustable eight resistance levels.
Touch monitor record metrics.

Not suitable for a heavy resistance workout.

Best place to buy

MaxKare 3-in-1 Bike

MaxKare Exercise Bike Stationary

If you are looking for multipurpose cycling equipment, the MaxKare bike should be your priority. It is because of 3-in-1 design, such as recumbent, semi-fold, and upright. So, you can use this stationary bike according to your workout.

It is also ergonomically designed; therefore, you can perform a wide range of exercises for a longer time.

The weight capacity of the machine is about 265 lbs, so it is suitable for both men and women of all ages. The best thing is that you can customize its resistance level from 1 to 8. Plus, the handlebar is equipped with a sensor that monitors your heart rate during a workout.

It is equipped with an LCD screen that shows your fitness progress and data. Also, it has a phone and a tablet holder. Now you can online follow the workout videos for achieving your goal.

Furthermore, it is equipped with an armband, so you can also tone your arm and perform strengthening training.

The foldable design makes it compact. You can conveniently fold it after completing your fitness programs. And, it is ideal for either home or office use. You can adjust its seat height for meeting different workout needs.

Arm Band Training.
Adjustable 08 levels of resistance.
Support more than 265 lbs of weight.
Foldable and ergonomic design.
LCD monitors track metrics.

Sometimes, a heart rate sensor doesn’t show metrics accurately.

Best place to buy

Body Power Exercise Bike

Body Power 3-in-1 Exercise Machine

The belt resistance system provides both efficiency and safety. Plus, the company uses premium quality materials to construct its frame that can support more than 250 lbs user’s weight.

Looking for a multipurpose workout bike?

You can use the Body Power exercise bike in three unique ways. The ways involve an upright bike, recumbent bike, and an elliptical.

It also has an electronic digital console that tracks your workout statistics such as distance, speed, time, burned calories. You can also move it from one to another conveniently because it is equipped with a wheel.

Another great feature is that the compact and unique fitness glider features three sets of integrated handlebars. So, you can customize it as a u-shaped, wraparound, and dual-action. The upgrade flywheel system runs the machine quietly and smoothly.

You can also use a knob for setting up to 8 levels of resistance. The seat of the Body Power machine is also very comfortable. Plus, you can also adjust the seat according to your physique.

Multifunctional 3-in-1 exercise bike.
Upgrade flywheel system.
Heart rate monitor sensor.
Easy transport due to wheels.
Maximum with a capacity of about 250 lbs.

An elliptical model isn’t suitable for short people.

Best place to buy

3G Cardio Recumbent Bike

3G Cardio Elite UB

The 3G Cardio recumbent bike comes with an incredibly comfortable and adjustable seat. The seat also has a backrest that conforms to your body size and shape during a workout. Plus, the company uses premium quality materials to construct the 3G Cardio bike.

It is the most durable and sturdy bike, and the company gives you 7-year parts and a lifetime frame warranty. It comes with a handlebar for your comfort, and this handlebar is also equipped with heart rate sensors. These sensors monitor your heart rate during a workout.

It comes with an electronic and highly programmable display that is easy to use. You will get inbuilt 12 fitness programs for your ease.

The console shows your workout distance, burned calories, heart rate, time, watt, and RPM. Another wonderful feature is that you can set a magnetic resistance level from 1 to 16 according to your custom workout.

You can also adjust its seat forward or back for a comfortable position. It supports the maximum user weight of about 350 lbs, so ideal for heavyweight people. You will also experience an accurate and ergonomic ride during a workout.

Wireless strap for heart rate monitor.
Ergonomically designed.
Compact and small.
Easy to control handles.
Effective and simple console.

The console interface isn’t user friendly.
Not a space-saver machine, because you cannot fold it.

Best place to buy


Types of Exercise Bikes and Which Type to Choose

Now there are different types of exercise bikes, and they all serve a different purpose. We have listed each one down along with the benefits that it has to offer.

1) Folding Exercise Bike

The folding exercise bikes are great when we talk about portability. You can fold them down pretty conveniently and then easily store them when you are done using them.

Due to their portability, some of them are even lightweight enough for you to use on the go. If you have tight space available, then this Exercycle will work for you the best.

2) Mini Exercise Bike 

Mini exercise bikes are even better space savers than their folding counterparts. They have a small size, and you can easily place them under your desk. You can use them even while you are working.

3) Upright Exercise Bikes

Upright bikes have a design that allows you to sit right above the frame of the exercise bike, just like a normal bicycle. You have an upright sitting posture, and there is no reclining. Your sitting posture will feature a slightly hunched over. Therefore, if you are a beginner with an exercise bike, this model is not going to work for you pretty well, if you don’t know how to do it properly.

4) Recumbent Exercise Bikes

If you are a starter or have some physical limitations due to any reason, then a recumbent bike will work for you pretty well. This bike is an excellent option for people who have lower back injuries. These bikes are more comfortable than upright bikes, but your body will still go through some serious workout.

The seat of this bike is designed to cradle your lower body and prevent any muscle soreness. The seat here is much bigger than an upright bike.

What to Consider Before Buying An Exercise Bike?

In this brief buying guide, we have highlighted all those important points for your convenience so that you can get the most out of your investment.

  • Style

Of course, you need to choose the style or design of an exercise bike. As we have discussed above, there are three different types. You need to pick one according to your needs. If you want portability due to limited space, then you need to go for a foldable bike.

If you want to use it on the go or while working, then choose a minibike. An upright model is a better choice when you have years of experience in cycling or riding an Exercycle. The recumbent version will be more fruitful for novices or people with some physical limits.

  • Flywheel weight

A flywheel is a system that is inside an Exercycle. The weight of this flywheel will tell you how comfortable an exercise bike’s ride is going to be when you start using it. High weights will keep the motion smooth, but the bikes with such a flywheel will be expensive.

Novices will feel more comfortable with a flywheel weight ranging between 15 to 22 lbs. Intermediate or experts need to go for 33 lbs or more.

  • Display

Some of the models even come with a decent quality display, and they will tell you about all the information that you need to know about your current workout status. They will tell you how many miles you have done or how many laps have you completed. Some of them even show you your current heart data.

  • Computer Program

Different machines come with different programs, and with more features, the price will rise. Some machines will come with different programs present for different workout regimes.

They also have different sensors installed in them and can provide you with various information. Some of them even come with different sensors to monitor your heart rate.

  • Indoor vs. Upright 

A noticeable difference between these two types of bikes is the transmission system and weighted flywheel. The transmission system can create that road-like feel, and it is connected with the pedals.

With an indoor bike, you can also stand up and pedals, just like the way you do on a traditional bike. Indoor cycles are designed to get the job done as they are focused on more serious cyclists who want to train for an upcoming race.

Upright models are designed for trainers who want to use cycling as a part of their fitness regime. Their primary focus is overall fitness.

  • Durability

Like any gym equipment, your exercise bike needs to be made of highly durable materials. These will ensure that your bike remains in good condition for a long time to come. You don’t want to end up fixing your bike and replacing various parts now and then

  • Size 

Size is another factor that you need to consider, and it is closely related to style. For instance, you need to look for a highly portable model if space is a huge concern for you.

In such a case, only a mini or a foldable bike will work for you. A full-on recumbent or indoor bike will only be better for you if you have enough space available.

  • Features

Different bikes come with different features. Some of them come with a display screen and a computerized program, and you can use a variety of pre-set programs to get some guidance.

Many high-end models feature a range of different sensors to monitor various aspects associated with your current body status. And with every feature you, the price of a model will increase significantly. So only focus on the features that you think are relevant to your fitness regime.

  • Weight Limit

This one is pretty simple to understand. If your body weight exceeds the max weight capacity of the model that you are considering, then it will wear out pretty quickly.

Therefore, you need to be sure that you make the right choice accordingly. For a standard, the high-end models come with a greater weight capacity.

Our Verdict

The winner of this best exercise bike roundup is the Recumbent Bike by Marcy. This bike is designed to give you a comfortable experience while you meet all your fitness goals with ease.

It is equally great if you are a beginner or have suffered some injuries in your lower midsection. The step-through design of this bike makes your life even easier. But it will take some space in your living room so keep that thing in your mind.

So which one of these do you think is the right one for you? Do you have any favourites that are not listed here? Let us know by leaving your comment below!

Stay fit!


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